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Which Bo Duke is better


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John, nobody can make Bo look as good as john can.

Little known fact is that my assistant principal ( who works at my JR high now) worked at a different school in my district used to give Sean detention alot and he also gave him ISS ( in school suspension) for spitting on another person. I'll have to talk to my friend 'cause she's 22 and she might have had him in one of her classes

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JOHN!!!!!!! He is the one and only Bo Duke as far as I am concerned. SWS, was and is an idiot, I'm sorry that's all I can say.

He didn't get Bo Duke at all, in an interveiw, he said, "He can relate to the car and that's it."

:p I don't think so. Bo Duke could relate to alot of things. Like girls.... Bo was always the ladies man. I mean Luke never had a problem gettin ladies, but Bo always had that reputation and they completly ignored that.

*shrugs* Meh, what are you gonna do? Can't change the past.

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Oh my gosh, is there really a question here? Of course John is the best! Sean does not even come close! That movie does not even deserve to called the dukes of hazzard! It was nothing like the original show, in fact it was a total insult and disgrace to the original. Whoever wrote the script to that movie needs to sit down and watch the real show and get a clue!

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