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  1. I found this under the same fourm on the confederate Gen Lee fan club fourm It claims to be from a good source: okay you all my source stop in today.. I ask him about the movie an here is what I got.. he said there having alot of problems with the cast from the movie an for the new movie yes new movie.. he said they talking about how they're going to fix the casting problem with the girl from the movie an also about same guy they should have goting first to play Boss Hogg.. Danny Deveto.. he said they have problema lot of them with the cast yet to make it better then the movie was.. there also looking at another guy they came up with before also for the role of Uncle Jesse.. but he said they really didn't have any problems though with Bo an Luke it was ujust the girl an Boss Hogg.. there also talking about Rosco charcter.. but the car to what he said is staying the same.. he said they said soon as they get all the casting problems solved they're going to be working on the movie..
  2. When they said 00 was the only car to woop the General in an overland race I thought of lucefer. I remember when old boss signed everything over to hughie and he took over Hazzard... what a disaster but Hughie is entertaining and they could twist the script to make him fit in Besides Hughie Hogg is better then no Hogg. why wasn't Lulu in the reunion
  3. When they said 00 was the only car to woop the General in an overland race the refered to Lucefer. Also alot of people on another fourm say they should of hired John Altman as Hughie Hogg instead of Boss Rosco and I agree. Of course the film was on a tight budget.
  4. Coy and Vance wern't bad but it was weird seing two other guys in the General.
  5. I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet... The only reason for a sequel is because people showed enough intrest in the first one to see another in the same fourm. Like the guy on the other fourm said "There not going to recast a movie that is one year old". While the cast did't do half bad , I still think that there is a better cast that could have done the original cast justice. And I think WB finally figured that .
  6. Found this on the confederate general lee fan club fourm posted by TVandMovieCars : spoke with a VERY reliable source today in Louisiana... and WB does want to do a movie.. IN Louisiana.. if they can get the casting issues resolved.. and they will NOT be going to london in it! <LOL> That was a early script idea probably. The movie/script has NOT been "greenlighted" yet... so its 50/50 ..IF they can get casting issues resolved...
  7. If the rumors where true , wouldn't Travis Bell and his crew or some other general lee nut have gone to fish them out? They have been sunk for 20 to 25 so wh knows what kind of condition they would be in. I guess the only person who would know is somone that worked on the show or mabe the Transportation capton at WB
  8. I was looking at the pics on the smallville site and I must say John has done alot great things and is very generous to his fans.
  9. I found some info on some of the remains of chargers used in the show: Watching these episodes, several Dodge Chargers were driven/jump into Canals -- never to be seen again. The waterways on the Warner backlot are considerably deep (up to 35 feet). Research has uncovered that these cars likely remain in the bottom of those canals today (about 8 Generals Lee total: throughout the original run of the show). http://www.moviemopars.www6.50megs.com/doh/general.html I wonder how many squad cars are in the canals...
  10. He was also in the new movie as the sheriff who says holly sh** during the court house and narriated the extra
  11. whale some Dukes fans dream of climbing through the window somone who is being payed millions to do complains about it. How ironic . To some people climbing in and out of car windows is fun.
  12. I posted in the Bo section under Johns General Lee Topic about the time I went out to the shop in newhall CA back in 97 Two weeks after John Schnieder bought the last General. They had a bunch of old military Vehecals and tanks that looked to have been sitting for years so mabe they have it or know what happend to It. What was that guys name Venhazelnut?
  13. " If it where 1979 I would cast Burt Renolds as BO so I wanted two guys that had a strong resemblence towords Burt(instead of tom and John) so he casted scott and knoxville on a side note he claims Burt was the only man who could possibly fill Boss Hoggs shoes LOL Any coments...
  14. Twenty ?? where did you hear that? My guess 5 at the most. When I was a Kid my friends mom told me about the shop in Newhall Ca where they built all of the generl lees and how she saw them lined up though a chain link fence. and how some of the cast members where periodily spoted at a bar/ restruant during filming. She said they still had a general there but it was all beat up. So I went out there because I had never seen one in person. when I got there the guy said "sorry you just missed it, the last one was sold to John shcneder two weeks ago. The chain fence was replaced by a brick wall they had a bunch of tanks army trucks and other stuff that looked as if it had been siting for years. He said when chargers came back they would cut the tops of them and send the rest to the crusher."I think we still have a stack of tops back there let me check. he ran into the back of his shop then came out and said sorry someone must have moved them. this was back in 97 not to long after the reunioun aired
  15. Sean and John are like two differnt charactors
  16. And honestly, I think they may have realized that their casting choices were not the strongest - or wisest picks - for something as enduring as DOH. Mabe they realized that hiring JC along with his fart humor and some of his ideas for a much more serious version was a big mistake. I think they should listen to John Schnieders opinion of the movie "I wish them well but I wished they would have called it somthing else because it is somthing else. Nahh they didn't remake the Dukes of Hazzard any more than they remade Starsky and Hutch. Some of the charactors namley Boss Roscoe and Uncle Jesse had little resemblence twords the originals. I hope it does well though" or somthing along those lines I think WB along with the right director should have asked some of the original cast their opinions of what they thought might be succesful as a DOH remake before they started this progect . The original cast probobly knows what makes the dukes a hit better than anyone else. Ofcourse JC knew that the original cast wouldn't agree with some of his Ideas therefore he didnt want anything to do with them.
  17. Hey thats great. I was just wondering since the super troopers director is going to do beer games wich is postponed due to weather or some related cause and since he seems much more interested in making another supertroopers movie... Does that mean there is a good chance in getting a new director? or is it Jay as director or no movie . Honestly Im shure that some people didn't care for his fart humor
  18. So the only one to publicly admit to seeing the movie is Schnieder? I was thinking of Ben Jones the other week when I was in Blockbuster Video and all they had was the unrated verson . Old Crazy Cooter must not be too happy about that...
  19. I wonder what the guys that played coy and vance thought of the new movie? Sean and Johnny where surprising considering they got famus by acting like morons. They work well together their funny and some of the senes with them in the general where the best reminder of the show. I agree with John Schnieder that the charactors that needed improvement where Boss Rosco and Jesse. Mainly Boss and Rosco where the ones that where the least like the origanals. OK since every one doubted him as Hogg I gess you could say that Burt did a good job as an EVIL Hogg but it was differnt. I still wish that they had hired Danny Devito instead of Burt. He was probobaly the most popular choice and would have been vary appealing to audiances. Besides Id rather see the Bandit behind the Wheel instead of counting money at the court house... The supertroopers Guy was so sold on Burt as Hogg long before he got into this project that even if someone like Danny D showed intrest in the part, pulled off a perfect screen test The director would still cast Burt since he claims that theres no other man that could possibly fill Bosses shoes. LOL
  20. Some people have disliked the cast since the day that Stiffler and Jackass where cast as the the Duke Boys. But the truth is the problem isn't the cast at all. The problem lies in the director and how he wanted the the charactors portrayed. Unfortanatly some of the new charactors had little or no resemblence to the originals. I think the cast did their best at playing the charachtors the way the director wanted them. Its no secret that when this movie got the green light some of the biggest names in hollywood wanted to be a part of this movie, so as fans along with people in general, many of us had had high expectatations for a really good cast with BIG names. BIG NAMES that could do the original charactors justice. Perhaps if they had a better director who knew what he was doing . The Super Troopers director dosn't seem to have much respect for the original cast or the original charactors. Hes far more obsesed with Smokey and the Bandit and Burt Renolds. The Action/Stunts where amazing and the basic plot stayed true to the show so we can atleast respect it for that...
  21. I think I might of made sence of why the director brought so much filth into Hazzard county IT IS NOT MEANT FOR US Put your self in the directors shoes. Your strictly making this movie for the money. You basicly have two target audiances 1 Dukes Fans. 2 Super Trupers/ Broken Lizard American Pie Jacka** Fans. They cleaned up the theater version to an extent so Dukes fans wouldn't outrage at WB but still left some stuff in for the other target audiance The point Im trying to make is that producers knew the Super Trupers/ Broken Lizard American Pie Jacka** Fans would be disapointed if it wasn't a dirty movie Therefore the unrated DVD is for them; not us
  22. The same dealer has a bunch of other Hollywood cars http://www.volocars.com/showroom/showroom.php?show=celebrity
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