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  1. Amanda turned down her own doughy treat, but reached over stealing a bite off her husband's. "Mmm... my favorite part of a BBQ." She said as she glanced around, taking in all the excitement. A smile crossed her face as she followed her husband's gaze, staring up at the grand hotel before them. "Sure is something... " Amanda commented. It certainly was a grand hotel, shining like a new penny in the low October sunlight. Her green eyes scanned the hotel front, nothing but squeaky clean windows in rooms ready for their first guests. Her brow creased as she turned her gaze to Chet. "What is it?" She asked, again attempting to follow his line of sight as to what seemed to be so interesting. Amanda saw nothing out of the ordinary, and was a little surprised that he'd changed his mind about taking the tour. "You okay?" She questioned, reaching up to put a hand on his back. (Cue Anyone)
  2. "Coffee...?" Amanda Duke asked her husband from the doorway as she stepped out onto the porch, offering him a mug. Steam curled off the top of the dark liquid in the cool October air. She shivered, the fall chill accented by a light dusting off frost on the orange and yellow leaves. She untucked the mornings paper from under her arm and pulled her housecoat tighter. "The new hotel is opening today..." Amanda commented, glancing over the headlines. "Apparently they are having a bar-b-que this afternoon. Interested in some free food?" Amanda continued reading, waiting for Chet's response. ~Meanwhile, Hazzard County Historical Society~ "Have you unpacked the plaque for the hotel?" A middle aged woman questioned, adjusting her glasses on her face as she looked over the Society's to-do list. In response her assistant produced the plaque, "Yes ma'am! In honour of Mr. Holstead Myers and his original Hazzard Homestead, the Hazzard Country Historical Society hereby proclaims that the Hazzardous Hotel a historical site as of October 25th, 2009." He read. The woman smiled in response and glanced out the window, looking across the square to the new hotel. A strong breeze spiraled the autumn leaves across her vision and she shivered, rubbing her arms free of goosebumps. (Cue Anyone =] )
  3. Agreed. RR stories should have some substance and quality to them. Let's make the DOH community proud with our RRs. PS- Dukesfan, Chet has MA's permission to post the petition
  4. (Hey ya'll... gotta put my two cents in. I think the point everyone's trying to make is that stories posted one line at a time are hard to read, follow and participate in. No one is judging your story, or the idea for it, I'm sure people are curious to see where it goes. (The great thing about RR stories, no one can really predict it! lol).And there's nothing wrong with the way you are writing, if you want to take turns one line, or a thousand at a time doesn't matter. But why don't the two of you email, IM or PM your one or two lines at a time to each other and create one bigger post (a joint post), and one of ya'll can leave it here for the rest of us to see. It would make it it easier for everyone else to read, and people would be more inclined to participate. Lots of people have used joint posts on these boards before and it would work really well for ya'll!)
  5. Well besides the Dukes... Smallville Supernatural MacGyver Reba Corner Gas (very funny Canadian show www.ctv.ca) Veronica Mars Ooo and I almost forgot: CSI and CSI Miami (NY stinks.)
  6. Hmm... well gosh... I guess I'd be a former Boars Nest waitress, running around a big old farm taking care of half a dozen Duke babies and grandbabies....
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5TsDcxqUEA Dukes... meet Winchesters.....
  8. Last night's episode was soooo good! It had everything Supernatural should have, even a 180 from Dean in the good ol Impala. I think I squealed on that one, to completly honest. But... in the interest of good reveiwing skills.... (Im trying, honest.) Ye old brothers Winchester, were on the hunt yet again (what else do they do besides drink beer?), following one of Sam's premonitions (sp). Now, This is the first episode of the new season that I have seen, so I had to fill myself in along the way... but I think I got the jist of it. Dean's tired of hunting, chasing things, worrying about when his brother's gonna die.... which would be hard on anyone. But they come across life and death situations every day, that would be taxing. (Is it just me or does this look like I'm making a big fat mess? Yes... ok... I'm sorry.... ) But, back to the story, Dean made a promise to their dad before he died, protect Sammy. And he's holding up his end of the bargain. I don't really want to say to much to give away the episode.... but... long story short. THe boys travel to a small Oregon town and discover a possibly demonic virus being transmitted to the residents through blood to blood contact. There's a story, a legend about a demon known as Croatoan (correct me if I am wrong) The story says that in town much like River Grove Oregon, where Dean and Sam find themselves in this episode, was wiped out completely, everything was destroyed overnight, the only thing remaining, the word Croatoan carved into a tree. But Im not telling you what happened! Hehehe The most memorable lines: "My neighbour, Mr. Rogers..." "You have a neighbour named Mr. Rogers?" "Not anymore..."
  9. Ok, so I was bored. And I felt the need to get into the holiday spirt, Dukes style!http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l177/clois2/21313a.jpg Enjoy!
  10. Val, you don't know this stuff from experience do ya??
  11. Most. Off. Topic. Thread. Ever. (Makes me giggle.) And as far as the new movie being trashy, if it's anything like what ya'll have displayed before us here, I think I'll pass. Oh and a side note to MaryAnne regarding the new uniforms.... Hope ya ready cause the Hazzard crime rate's likely to triple!
  12. Isn't is obvious.... the General Lee would win. I mean, Bandits a good driver... but he couldn't beat Bo and Luke in an offroad race...
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