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Jeep or Roadrunner?


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i believe that a 1980 pontiac gto can be converted into a dodge roadrunner replica without much difficulty, but that is just what i have heard

and i am tied between the 2 as i love off roading, but i also love the muscle cars, but i would have to go with the jeep cos it has no roof or doors and i like those features

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Jeep! I am really into off roading and really into Jeeps. I just picked up last weekend my new project which will become my "Dixie" Jeep. I would love to get a Charger and do up a General Lee but I can have a beautiful CJ-7 "Dixie" Jeep for probably under 8 Grand. So far I have $1800 into for the purchase price for a very SOLID CJ-7 I found at a place in Wisconsin my Jeep club goes four wheeling at and I spent $162 for new Seat Belts. I really just need to get the proper rims, redo the interior and Repaint and get the decals and I am done. I hope to have it done by next spring. I will post pictures as things progress.

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The road runner the roadrunner!!! I like it better, it just seemed to suit Daisy, a yellow car. I made a model of it using a GTX kit , it is almost identical, I had to custome make the trim though. I also built a model of Dixie, but the kit was really poor quality, and there were things wrong with it. But I always liked the Roadrunner better!

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