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  1. I work at the PX in the food court court area my duties include keeping the dinning hall clean, making sure the drink station stock up and running. It a okay job can be stressful at times though.
  2. This is to let you know that Amanda called this morning and they found out her finacee has a infection in his lung and is currently on medication to clear it up. Thanks for all your Prayers Jamie amanda sister.
  3. Our srceen name comes from a combination of Jamie and Amanda. When we were little, Our parents somtimes started to call Amanda by the wrong name, and corrected themselves in mid-breath, so it come out Jamanda. We have another sister named Deb, so we sometimes go by Jamandeb and Jam still uses jamandeb3 as her email.
  4. Jamanda

    Got Music?

    I used to take piano lessons in middle school and highschool. Amanda played the flute in band and our older sister played the clarinet so you can say we were a muscicaly inclined my dad the only one that never played a instument.
  5. driving down the road behind a pickup truck he's going really slow oh what rotten luck! We gotta get to Deb's or she will have our heads We oughta trade this chevy in AND GET A FORD INSTEAD! OHHHH Jingle bells...Jingle Bells...Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to drive an old blue Chevorlet! I own an ford Esocort zx2 and amanda now drives a Honda Wave motorcycle she wanted a Harley but the teachers said they never get the students off it. my dad drive a Ford and my drive a PT cruier so we really dont have any loyalty to any brand of car along as it runs my chevy lumina needed to many repairs didnt help that ran it into ditch last winter.
  6. Thanks and welcome to the site. Amanda always welcomes prayers.
  7. Gad you liked are story haven't wrote much since Amanda is In Thailand and I'm busy with work. My sister and I share the screen name. she seems to be a better writer then me. She also has a English degee.She will however be coming home for 6 mo fourlough this year so maybe can update the story some if we have time. Both of us like Enos as you can tell if read any of our stories. We both think Daisy should married Enos.
  8. Havent been able to post as much as I like to my job keeps me busy and Amanda is in Thailand and hasn't been able to acess the website. Me sister share the screen name. That why sometimes say we in our old posts.
  9. I now drive a Ford esort ZX2 got rid of the Lumina. Had to drive it in the snow today swerved a little bit but manged to get home not like the lummina that ended up in a ditch last year. Planning to get the back wheels replaced and rotated sometiime hopefully before the next snowstorm.
  10. I remember them talking about Murphy and think Bo ask if he a Nascar Driver. In whinch Luke replies he must be I also remember there be a law called Enos law in whinch states when dukes are trouble Enos usually show up which then has to be cancled by daisy law. at least I think that how it went. Been while since Seen the episode with it in it.
  11. I watched this show a couple of times.
  12. I think if I lived in hazzard I either be a waitress at the Boar's nest or some one who worked at the Busy Bee cafe.
  13. got about 2 inches the other day and it was causing a lot accidents on both the kansas and Missouri side. Tired of winter and want spring to come.
  14. I have to agree that in the fan fiction that me and my sisterwrite right it ussually ends with Daisy and Enos getting married. I too didn't like the way daisy would go off with a other guy but without conflict there wouldn't be munch or the plot.
  15. yes I have to agree that Enos is cute and he looks good for his age. All those years of modeling and lifting wieghts must keep him young.
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