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  1. I 'm gritts and I guess that would descibe me a little though I 'm one of those who doesn't usually read horoscopes.
  2. when it comes to acting coy does a better job. But I have to agree Vance has the looks.
  3. I don't know if Flash ever does have puppies, but there is an episode where Boss is trying to make a deal with some one and Rosco says, "And you can have one of Flash's puppies." I think he was just trying to get the deal for Boss and Flash wasn't even expecting. In the reunion he has Tootles, but I don't remember if they said if Tootles was a descendant of Flash or not.
  4. This show was on the History Channel this morning (we had nothing better to watch) and it listed the top 3 sex symbols of 1979 and at #2 (although it shoulda been #1) was our very own CATHERINE BACH! Gotta give bonus points to the History Channel now. We already forgot who #3 and #1 were.
  5. We don't use xanga, but we have blogs on yahoo 360 http://360.yahoo.com/jamandeb3 - for Jam http://360.yahoo.com/greenhat_99 - for Amanda We actually used to share a name on yahoo as well, but Amanda got her own later. One of these days, she'll get her own Hnet name too...one of these days...when we don't share a computer.
  6. The best lines from the Blues Brothers Elwood: It's (some #) miles to Chicago. We've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. Jake: Hit it. Elwood: We're on a mission from God.
  7. I must have read the post wrong. I thought it said ANYTHING that makes you go "thpbth" (which does include bad driving) but after reading the other posts it looks like most people are on the subjet of food they dislike. Amanda has found out that she doesn't like lemon flavored Theraflu (it has the same taste that's in your mouth after you get sick). We both hate the flavor of Nyquil (but at least they make a swallowable pill form). Both products taste so bad that they make you swear you'll get a flu shot next year so you never have to take them again!
  8. 1. turnip greens 2. creamed corn( I do like corn on cob Jam) 3. peas ( Amanda) 4. Cabbage ( can't stand the smell 5.people who think they own the road 6. when dad fold the paper inside out and I have to put it back together.
  9. No, I didn't know there was a movie production of Merchant of Venice (although I have read the play). I'll be on the lookout for it. It's one of the few plays that's a drama and a comedy at the same time. I'd have to review who all the characters are though.
  10. We're convinced that Terry Lee's voice was done by none other than Rocky the Flying Squirrel from the Bullwinkle Show. Know that voice anywhere and that was it.
  11. We barely caught the end of the movie "Ode to Billy Joe" once and only kept it on because James Best is in the final scene. That's one of the titles you can look out for.
  12. No arguing there. I don't think Daisy really appreciated Enos as much until the later seasons, during which you don't see her going after other guys as often. Some don't like the episode with Gaylord very much anyway, as it was rather lame.
  13. Also, the cousin from England wasn't a direct cousin, but like 3rd twice removed or something, because if you remember, Daisy was all over him! But it did turn out that Gaylord was an imposter and the real Duke was a minister.
  14. Dukes have moved up to a whole 17 votes! That's 10 more than yesterday! Vote again! Vote again!
  15. Thanks a lot. We just watched it too and I was beside myself that they didn't kill Maria. As an English teacher, I clearly expected "Juliet" to die! So anyway, if they could change it up, so could we. We're not killing off anybody for anything.
  16. "Oh Ginny dear," Jesse shook his head. "Not today. You best get inside and get supper ready." "Oh shoot," Ginny grumbled, kicking the ground. "Sometimes I hate being a girl." Madison was soon home to help, but seemed preoccupied with her own thoughts. After a while, all eight of them gathered around for dinner. Towards the end of the meal there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it," said Madison. She opened the door and frowned to see Sheriff Roach standing there. Her face lightened slightly to see Deputy Coltrane behind him. "Well what a nice surprise Sheriff," Madison said. "To what do we owe this visit." "We're investigating an explosion that happened out in the woods this afternoon," the Sheriff said. "An explosion you say?" Jesse said, calmly. "I thought I heard something." "Jesse Duke," said the Sheriff, mounting up to his full height. "If we find that it was a still that blew up out there..." "That'd be awful hard to prove Sheriff," Rosco said, tapping the Sheriff on the back. "Seeing as it blew up and there ain't nothin' left out there." "Can it you dipstick!" the Sheriff growled. "As I said Jesse, if I catch you Dukes with one drop of shine..." "Well you ain't steppin' one foot on my land without a warrant," Jesse said calmly. "As the deputy says, there's nothing left from that explosion and you can't prove what caused it, or that we were even involved." The Sherriff growled a bit, but saw he wasn't getting any information out of Jesse. As it always was when the law showed up, all the other Dukes kept quiet and let Jesse handle it. Dan kept his hands under the table and Austin had his hat low over his face, even though he usually didn't wear it in the house. "All right," the Sherriff said. "Let's go Rosco." "Have a nice day," grinned the deputy, tipping his hat to Madison, who blushed.
  17. <Warning, this post will make you hungry> Lily walked in right at dinnertime. Her mother was just putting pot roast on the table, Lucas was getting the dishes out, Tommy was playing with the twins, and Hercules was under the table waiting for Daisy to drop something. Daisy: Now you git out from under there! Hercules: Woof. The bloodhound crawled out from under the table and took another position at the front door. Daisy: So how was your date? Lily: It was fun. Daisy: What'd ya'll do? Lily: Went to a movie and got ice cream. Daisy: Well that's nice. Lily smiled as she sat at the table. Her socks were covering up the "gift" she got from T.J. Enos: <coming in and tripping over dog> Ding dang it mutt! Can't you find a better place to take a nap? Hercules: Woof <licks his face> Enos: Yeah, yeah, nice to see you too. Get off now! Tommy: DADDY! Enos: Oh no. Tommy jumps in Enos's arms while Lucas gives him a tackle around the middle, each twin grabs a leg, and the dog runs around and barks. Even Lily joins in with a kiss on the cheek. Enos: This is a conspiracy! Daisy: Oh Enos, I think it's cute. Enos: Oh you're a lot of help. Daisy: Okay, make way for higher authority. The kids back off so Daisy can give Enos a kiss. Daisy: How was work? Enos: Same ol', same ol'. Not much going on. Not like the old days anyway. Daisy giggles. Daisy: Okay, everyone wash up for dinner. Enos: <sniffs> mmmm...pot roast...mashed potatoes and gravy...biscuits...green beans...and a hot apple pie... Daisy: You're as bad as that dog. Now stop drooling and wash up. Enos: Yes dear <grumbles> At least I don't block the doorway. Hercules: Woof. At dinner, Lily shares about her date, wondering if she should mention the tattoo. She decides not to mention it just yet.
  18. Drives you crazy? You should try teaching it! Hang it there, you'll get it eventually. Sometimes spell checkers come with grammar check too, which catches homophones. Or just find a grammar buff to proofread before posting. But like I said before, you have much better grammar than most Americans. Keep up the story! I wanna know what happens to Nick!
  19. FINALE At closing time, Enos slips in the back door of the Boar’s Nest. Daisy runs up to him and kisses him. Daisy: Is everything ready? Enos: Yep. I got your jeep all loaded up for ya. Boss let you have a few days off? Daisy: I worked it out with some of the girls so my shifts are covered. Enos: And everyone is okay with it? Daisy: Uncle Jesse got the mortgage paid, Bo and Luke avoided that traffic violation, and all of them finally agreed that you’re the only man right for me. Enos: I’m glad of that. They take off in the jeep singing. Daisy Hold my hand and we’re halfway there… Enos Hold my hand and I’ll take you there, Right now Daisy Tonight… Enos: Um, you might not want to hold my hand while I’m driving though. We’re not quite halfway to Chickamahonny yet. Daisy: Oh Enos! <This has been Jamanda's random poetry corner. We now return you to your regular Dukes programming.>
  20. <This was the most fun part to do! It had Rosco written all over it!> OFFICER KRUPKE Enos notices Bo and Luke have taken off, but decides to ignore them. Bo and Luke make it to Cooter’s and buy the crankshaft, but Rosco spots them there. Rosco: Hey, you! Cooter: Me, Officer Rosco? Rosco: Not you, them! Gimme one good reason for not draggin’ ya down to the stationhouse, you Dukes! Luke (sings) Dear kindly Sheriff Rosco, Ya gotta understand-- It’s you accusing me and Bo That gets us out of hand And if you didn’t frame us There’d be trouble anyway Golly Moses – You do this every day Bo Gee, Officer Rosco, we’re very upset; As Hazzard County citizens we get no respect. We ain’t no delinquents, We’re misunderstood. Deep down inside us there is good! Luke There is good! Both There is good, there is good, There is untapped good. Like inside, the worse of us is good. Rosco That’s a touchin’ good story. Luke Lemme tell it to the world! Rosco Just tell it to the Judge. Cooter follows as Rosco takes Bo and Luke to the courthouse where Boss Hogg is waiting. Bo Oh, dear Boss Hogg your Honor The sheriff treats us rough. He chases us all over town, You’d think he’d had enough. We didn’t want the ticket, But somehow it was had. Leapin’ lizards –Don’t you think it’s bad?! Boss No! Officer Rosco, you’re really are dumb; Why do I have a sheriff If his brain has gone numb? You brought me the Duke boys Now throw them in jail. Until their Uncle Jesse posts their bail Bo Posts our bail! Bo and Luke We’re in jail, we’re in jail It’s the same old tale Until Uncle Jesse posts our bail! Boss: Hear ye, Hear ye! In the opinion of this court, these boys are to be locked up and bail is set at $500. Bo: $500! Luke: The mortgage is due today! That’s what you’re up to! Uncle Jesse bursts in. Jesse: What’s going on here? I go over to the bank to pay the mortgage and find the two of you in here again!? Luke Another Hazzard speed trap Got us into this mess The sign was rigged and we’re both broke And you can guess the rest If Rosco hadn’t set us up We wouldn’t be in here Goodness Gracious! Bo I think I need a beer. Cooter Officer Rosco, they shouldn’t be here. And you should be more useful in your Chosen carrer Between you and Boss, it’s a terrible trick, Between the two of you I might get sick! Luke We are sick! Bo and Luke We are sick, we are sick, We are sick sick sick Just like our buddy Cooter, we are sick! Boss: In my opinion, you boys don’t need to be in here at all. This is all a misunderstanding. Bo: Hey, Thanks Boss. Boss: But you still need to pay bail and forfeit your farm. Bo They only want your money They mean to do us harm If we don’t pay the mortgage Then Boss will get the farm We’ll have to move to Hatchapee Never to return. Gloryosky, Boss is such a worm. Jesse GAH! J.D. and Rosco, you’ve done it again But you won’t send my boys to spend two years in the pen. It ain’t just a question of misunderstood; I know when you’re up to no good! Bo It’s no good! Bo and Luke It’s no good, it’s no good, It’s no earthly good, We know when they’re up to no good! With that, Bo and Luke use the old ruse of pushing each other around. Luke The trouble is you’re lazy. Bo The trouble is you drink Luke The trouble is you’re crazy. Bo The trouble is you stink. Luke The trouble is you owe me Bo I just paid back that loan! They then turn and push Rosco onto Boss. Both Rosco, we got troubles of our own! Cooter handcuffs Boss and Rosco together without them seeing it. Bo and Luke Gee, Officer Rosco, It’s really unfair Our fate is with a sheriff And a man with no hair Gee, Officer Rosco What are we to do? So Boss, here’s a Rosco For you! They push Rosco into Boss while they all rush out. Boss: Rosco! Get off of me! Rosco: I’m tryin’ Boss: Call Enos and Cletus. Get them after those Dukes! Rosco: But Boss, Cletus is taking that prisoner he brought in today to Chickasaw. Seems Sheriff Little had an outstanding warrant for him. Boss: Than call Enos! Rosco: But I just told him over the CB that I had caught the Dukes and he asked for the rest of the day off. Boss: Oh and I suppose you gave it to him? Rosco: Well he said he needed to pack. His vacation starts tomorrow. Boss: Why me?
  21. A PLACE FOR US Daisy goes over to where Enos is in the woods trying, but not very hard, to hide. Daisy: Is this what Rosco wanted you for? Enos: I’m afraid so Daisy. I’m supposed to follow Bo and Luke if they leave. Daisy: Oh Enos, how are we ever going to get married if you’re chasing my cousins all the time? Enos: Well, let’s not worry about that right now. Enos There’s a place for us, Somewhere a place for us, Peace and quiet and open air Wait for us Somewhere. Daisy There’s a time for us, Someday a time for us, Time together with time to spare, Time to learn, time to care Someday! Enos Somewhere We’ll find a new way of living Daisy We’ll find a way of forgiving Somewhere. Enos and Daisy There’s a place for us, A time a place for us. Hold my hand and we’re halfway there. Hold my hand and I’ll take you there Somehow, Someday, Somewhere!
  22. A BOY LIKE THAT Daisy turns around and sees Bo and Luke. Bo: You mind telling us what that is all about? Daisy: Nothing. Just that I figured out that Enos really loves me is all. Luke: Well shoot, everyone knows that. Daisy: And I finally know for sure that I love him back. Bo: You do? Luke: Are you sure? Luke A man like that arrests your cousins He’s only one out of a dozen Find one of your own kind, Stick to your own kind! Bo Last time you tried, he gave you sorrow, You'll meet another guy tomorrow, One of your own kind, Stick to your own kind! Luke He’s got few brains, but has your love? How can you tell it’s gonna work? Is this the guy to get your love And get your heart? Very smart, Daisy, very smart! Bo You know most guys want one thing only, And when they’re done, they leave you lonely. He'll let you down again; It just can’t be. Just wait and see, Just wait, Daisy, Just wait and see! Daisy Oh no, Luke no, Oh, no Bo. It isn't true, not this time It was before, but not again I hear your words And in my head I know they're smart, But my heart, Bo But my heart Luke Knows they're wrong And my heart Is too strong, For I belong To him alone, to him alone. One thing I know: I am his, I don't care what he is. I don't know why it's so, I don't want to know. You don’t know better! You aren’t in love – you’ve never said Do you know better? . . . I have a love, and it's all that I have. Right or wrong, what else can I do? I love him; I'm his, And everything he is I am, too. I have a love, and it's all that I need, Right or wrong, and he needs me, too. I love him, we're one; There's nothing to be done, Not a thing I can do But hold him, hold him forever, Be with him now, tomorrow And all of my life! Uncle Jesse overhears this and comes in. Jesse When love comes however strong, There IS still right and wrong, Even if your love is your life. Daisy: Oh I know Uncle Jesse. It’s just that… Uncle Jesse: It’s Enos again isn’t it? Daisy nods. Uncle Jesse: Well…if you’re sure you’re ready. Daisy: I think I am. Uncle Jesse: Then you have my blessing. Luke: And mine. Bo: <sighs> Yeah, mine too. Jesse: So uh…is he up in the woods spying on the house because of you? Or are those his orders for the day? Daisy: Oh, Enos just tipped me off that the Sheriff ain’t gonna rest until he arrests you two for running that speed trap this morning. Luke: Oh, is that all? Bo: Well shoot, now what? Luke: He’s probably waiting for us to leave so he can tell Rosco where we’re going. Bo: But we still gotta get that crankshaft. Daisy: Well let me go distract him so ya’ll can get to Cooter’s.
  23. I FEEL PRETTY Daisy gets back to the farm and does some laundry, but she can’t help but feel giddy. Bo and Luke come in to her singing. Daisy I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty, I feel pretty, and witty and gay, And I pity Any girl who isn’t me today. I feel charming, Oh, so charming-- It’s alarming how charming I feel, And so pretty That I hardly can believe I’m real. See the pretty girl in that mirror there: Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face, Such a pretty dress, Such a pretty smile, Such a pretty me! I feel stunning And entrancing-- Feel like running and dancing for joy, For I’m loved By a pretty wonderful boy! Bo to Luke Have you met my sweet cousin Daisy The craziest girl on the block? You’ll know her the minute you see her-- She’s the one who is in an advanced State of shock. Luke to Bo She thinks she’s in love. She thinks she’s in Spain. She isn’t in love, She’s merely insane. Bo to Luke It must be the heat Or some rare disease Or too much to eat, Or maybe it’s fleas. Luke to Bo Keep away from her -- Don’t you think Bo? This is not the Daisy We know! Both Modest and pure, Polite and refined, Well-bred and mature And out of her mind! Daisy I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty That the city should give me its key. A committee Should be organized to honor me. Luke: <sarcastic> Oh, she’s not modest at all. I feel dizzy I feel sunny, I feel fizzy and funny and fine, And so pretty, Miss America can just resign! See the pretty girl in that mirror there: Bo What mirror where? Daisy Who can that attractive girl be? Luke Which? What? Where? Whom? Daisy Such a pretty face, Such a pretty dress, Such a pretty smile, Such a pretty me! I feel stunning And entrancing-- Feel like running and dancing for joy, For I’m loved By a pretty wonderful boy!
  24. TONIGHT Meanwhile, Daisy gets off work and heads home, but Enos pulls in behind her. Enos: <over CB> Daisy? Would you pull over please? I gotta talk to you. Daisy: Okay Enos. She pulls over and Enos goes over to her. Daisy: Where’s Cletus? Enos: He’s watching that guy we pulled off you this afternoon. Daisy: <touches his cheek and grins> You mean the one YOU punched out. Enos: Aw shucks…Cletus roughed him up a bit too. He didn’t like being called “chubbyâ€. Daisy: Is that all you wanted to tell me? Enos: Well no. The Sheriff’s wants to arrest Bo and Luke for going through that speed trap of his this morning, and Boss ain’t gonna rest until we bring them in. Daisy: Oh dear. Thanks for the warning Enos. Enos: Oh and Daisy? Daisy: Yeah? Enos: I uh…I’m awful glad we were able to get that fella off of you. I’d hate to think of anything that might happen to you. Daisy: Oh Enos. You know something? Enos: What? Daisy: I’m glad you were there. I think it made me realize something. Enos: It did? Daisy: Yeah. I realized how lucky I am to have you around. Enos: Shucks Daisy. Daisy: Enos…Do you still want to get married? Enos: What? Daisy: Now Enos…I know those hives were just a copout…and I can’t say I blame you. I was marrying you for the wrong reasons. Enos: You’re right…about the hives…I mean… Daisy: Enos, I know you love me. I guess it just wasn’t until you clobbered that guy that I realized that I love you too. Enos: Do you…do you really? Daisy: Yeah…and if it were possible…I’d marry you right now. Daisy puts her hands in his and looks in his eyes. This time, he knows she means it. Daisy (Sings) Make of our hands one hand, Make of our hearts one heart, Make of our vows one last vow: Only death will part us now. Enos Make of our lives one life, Day after day, one life. BOTH Now it begins, now we start One hand, one heart; Even death won't part us now. Make of our lives one life, Day after day, one life. Now it begins, now we start One hand, one heart, Even death won't part us now. Daisy Only you, you’re the only thing I’ll see forever, In my eyes, in my words and in everything I do, Nothing else but you Ever! Enos And there’s nothing for me but Daisy, every sight that I see is Daisy. Daisy Enos…Enos… Enos Always you, every thought I’ll ever know, Everywhere I go, you’ll be. Daisy All the world is only you and me! Enos Today, today It all began today I saw you and the world went away. Daisy Today, today There’s only you today What you are, what you do, what you say. Enos Today, all day I had the feeling A miracle would happen -- I know now I was right. BOTH For here you are And all along it wasn’t very hard Today! Rosco (over CB): Enos you dipstick! You got your ears on boy, come on? Enos: I better answer that. Daisy: Yes, yes. Hurry. Wait! When will I see you? Enos: I’ll come to the Boar’s Nest later tonight. Will you be there? Daisy: Yeah, I’m closing. Come in the back door. BOTH SING Tonight, tonight Before then when you dream Dream of me Tonight. Daisy kisses Enos and then takes off for the farm. Enos is stunned again for a bit, but then hears Rosco squawking again.
  25. COOL Meanwhile, Bo and Luke are being chased again by Rosco. They manage to lose him by making him go into the pond, but not before he CB’s Cletus and Enos to hunt them down. Bo: Boy, he makes me so mad! I’d like to pound some sense into him! Luke: Now take it easy Bo. We’ll just act cool and pretend we didn’t know nothin’ about it. Bo: How am I supposed to take it easy? Luke Bo, Bo, crazy Bo-- Get cool, Bo! Got a rocket, in your pocket-- Keep coolly cool, Bo! Don’t get hot, ‘Cause man, you got Some high times ahead. Take it slow and, Buddy-Row, You can live it up and die in bed! Bo: But he’s framing us again! Luke Bo, Bo, crazy Bo-- Stay loose, Bo! Breeze it, buzz it, easy does it -- Turn off the juice, Bo! Go man, go, But not like a yo-yo true Bo-- Just play it cool, Bo Real cool! Bo: Maybe you’re right. Luke: At least play it cool until we find out what they’re up to this time.
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