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  1. Funny how sisters are different. Amanda came out as Bo and Jam is Rosco. Jam is contesting results. LOL
  2. He had good quotes too. Y'all better not go to the refrigerator now. (Enos falling down a hill) Now we all know Enos is head over heals in love with Daisy, but ain't he carrying things a bit too far? Now if I had a day like ol' Jesse's been having, I'd go back to bed. Now this here is Cooter's farm. I bet y'all thought he slept on a grease rack over the garage didn't ya? (we actually did think that)
  3. We finally saw the Rosco quotes today we've been looking for... Rosco: It was them cute little dimples... Boss: Never mind the cute little dimples! Other Rosco quotes: Enos: Possum on a gumbush Rosco: I'll possum your gumbush you dipstick! Rosco: (to Bo covered in motor oil) You are a mess <walks off>
  4. It's the same as the theme song at the beginning, only it's just instrumental. I believe all the music is played by the Waylors.
  5. We have our own speed traps and Rosco clones staking them out here. The highway into town has four signs less than a mile apart Reduced Speed 55, Speed Limit 55, Reduced Speed 50, Speed Limit 50, and then a stop light. The cops also have end-of-the-month quotas they have to meet by catching out-of-county drivers. There's also a 30 mph zone in town that the cops are also staking out.
  6. You forgot what he says next: But I've been trying to taper off. It's not that I don't trust you boys, but last time you hung me on the wall. (Seeing Rosco hanging from a tree by his gunbelt) Gee Sherriff, you look like a poor little ol' sparrow with a hurt wing awwww. I'm just following you Sheriff, isn't that what you said? Monkey see, monkey do. Daisy: Does this mean you don't want my autograph Rosco? Enos: I do Daisy! Find Loretta Lynn has to be the best episode for Enos quotes!
  7. We used to have a Dukes board game, but we dunno what happened to it. We also had a little toy General Lee and Uncle Jesse's pickup, but those too disappeared. Rats.
  8. We're 50's and 60's oldies fans, as well as Contemporary Christian music. Our favorite band comes from our other favorite t.v. series The Monkees. Other favorites: Oldies: Beatles (early) Simon and Garfunkel (sp?) Beach Boys Motown Mama's and Papa's Christian: Michael W. Smith Steven Curtis Chapman The Newsboys Point of Grace
  9. Someone was doing this for Cooter, so why not other characters? Possum on a gumbush! Enos: You wanna keep looking Sheriff or do you wanna go eat? Rosco: Enos, just forget it okay? Forget it. Enos: Okay Sheriff...This is Enos...forgetting it. (can be heard on Sonny Shoyer's website) It's not that I don't trust ya'll, but last time you hung me on the wall.
  10. Of course the classic: Breaker one, breaker one, might be crazy but I ain't dumb...any ya'll lost sheep out there on the Hazzard net come on? Cooter: What do you suppose ol' Burt Reynolds would do at a time like this? Luke: I don't know. But I'm sure he'd be doing it with someone a whole lot prettier than you. Cooter: If you can't make this thing go any faster do ya'll mind if I just jump out and run ahead? Give or take a few minutes cuz I ain't got no watch (after seeing Rosco fall into wet cement) Thank you Lord for a perfect day!
  11. All I have to say is that I have a friend who used to drive a 1980 Caprice Classic and that thing is the biggest boat I've ever had to ride in! Plenty of room for prisoners in there. I had to drive it a couple of times. Once it got stuck, so the guy who owned it wanted me to help him push while our other friend, who was about 4' 2'' was going to drive. But the seat was stuck and she couldn't reach the pedals! So I wound up driving while the other two pushed the dang thing out of the mud.
  12. I forget which one but we just watched an episode where Luke does his "Enos" imitation over the CB when Enos's CB is acting up. Amazing how Luke is able to sound so incredibly like Enos, almost as if Sonny Shoyer is dubbing the voice himself (sarcasm undetected). This is a big step from Luke muttering like Enos in Season 1's Route 7-11 when he's trapped in the gambling truck with Rosco. Rosco: Enos, how did you beat me here? Enos: Huh? Rosco: Will you stop using them dumb sounds and talk regular English? Enos: Uh huh.
  13. thanks for the answers. Jam was thinking of the one with Boss and Jesse. Anybody know what season it was in?
  14. Maybe she's crazy, but Jam is convinced that there's an episode where somebody gets locked into Boss's vault at the bank or something like that. Amanda doesn't recall such a thing. Is there an episode where something like this happens?
  15. Thanks for the info. We'll have to wait for the 3:00 show since we turn in at 10. Gotta love TLC.
  16. From what we've heard so far...it all depends. On one hand, Amanda wouldn't like a movie that hardly has anything to do with the show, on the other hand, this movie would totally redeem itself as far as she's concerned if they finally let Enos and Daisy get married!!! (with no fooling around before tying the knot, that would destroy the characters completely). Both of us think that the actors look more like Coy and Vance than Bo and Luke. Jam thinks they look too old and need to shave. We also agree that Daisy is NOT a blond and wouldn't run around showing her belly. All things considered, we'll watch the previews and hear opinions from those who watch it before seeing it ourselves, but we'll probably wind up watching it anyway.
  17. we don't know if we will be able to watch it or not. The station they have for our area has it listed as a Sunday and Monday night show but we will check it tonight anyway. Thanks for the info!
  18. I've seen on various episode guides that they were shown out of production order. Does anyone have enough time on their hands to put the episodes of season two in such an order so they make sense? It'd be nice to watch them in "chronological" order, unless they do that for you on the dvd. Shucks, that'd be nice, but they probably keep them in order of their airing date.
  19. Just wondering if anyone else noticed this. In Repo Men, in the scene where Enos and Daisy are having a "man to man" talk, Enos grabs a lemon off of the Dukes kitchen table. At the end of the show, when Rosco sees the counterfeit plate in what's left of the Rolls, Enos is looking over Rosco's shoulder eating a lemon. Just goes to show that watching season one episodes over and over again causes one to be too analytical. Waiting for season two to come out.
  20. Thanks for your imput. It's just something we were wondering about. Yes, there are two of us, Jamie and Amanda, and we're sisters. We are not joined at the hip but it's a lot more fun to read these things together so whenever we join clubs like this, we use the combined screen name (and we don't have to memorize multiple passwords). Also, this way one of us doesn't post something the other doesn't approve of. A little side note, we have another sister named Deb, and we have joined forums under the name Jamandeb before, but Deb moved out. When one of us finally moves out, one of us will probably join under another name.
  21. Jam (older and wiser "Luke" type sister) 1. Enos 2. Cooter 3. Jesse 4. The Duke cousins 5. Rosco Amanda (younger and goofier "Cooter" type sister) 1. Enos 2. Daisy 3. Flash 4. Cooter 5. Rosco It seems that in a lot of shows we watch, we like to focus on minor characters that don't get a lot of attention. It makes it easier to make up fan-fiction. But we're both big Enos fans and reasons why are posted in another forum but we forgot which one.
  22. Okay, Jam argues that we need to watch all the episodes again before we pick a least favorite. (she's the older and wiser sister) Amanda (younger "Cooterlike" sister) doesn't like episodes in which Daisy gets involved or even flirts with anybody other than Enos. Both agree that "Strange Visitor to Hazzard" was pretty pathetic and that the show was on it's last legs. Nor are we all that fond of Coy and Vance, but we're glad that they made two new characters rather than have new actors playing Bo and Luke.
  23. Our fav. is definately Enos, simply cuz we're suckers for love stories that go on and on and on...oh, and he's just so honest. Quick question. Is there an episode where we find out what happened to Bo, Luke, and Daisy's parents? We suspected maybe they died in a car wreck, but don't remember hearing that in any specific episode.
  24. Hi, we're new here but we just got the season 1 dvd and watched it twice. We got into dukes w/ the TNN reruns. We have a very pressing question. How did Rosco and Enos tell their cars apart? It seems to me that one patrol car is specifically Rosco's and one belongs to the deputy. In later seasons, you could tell the difference because of Flash being in Rosco's car. But how did they tell them apart before Rosco got his little Velvet Ears? BTW: we also have a really cute basset hound like Flash
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