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  1. Boss JD Hogg

    A-Z Game

    ZACK - Played by Jan Eddy in No More Mr. Nice Guy.
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  2. Hobie Hartkins

    RIP Toby Keith

    bitter sweet memories!
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  3. RogerDuke

    RIP Toby Keith

    I know what you are going through. I still love to hear a Charlie Daniels song but it hurts too. Same way with Loretta Lynn. It's a bit like thinking of a family member who has passed on. It hurts but sometimes feels good.
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  4. Spike

    NASCAR news

    Enjoy this season as it will probably be the last that has an actual car body. There won't be a Camaro for 2025 and GM as well as Ford want to race "CUV's because that's what they mostly make anymore.
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