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Favorite Dukes of Hazzard Quotes

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(Season 2 The Ghost of General Lee)

Maybelle:"Operator. Operator."

Daisy Duke:"Maybelle! Give me the Sheriff's station!"

Enos: [checking off something] "There you go."

[phone rings]

Enos:"Sheriff's office. Deputy Enos Strate speakin'."

Daisy Duke:"Enos! You've got to come over to the Boars Nest, quick!"

Enos:"I appreciate the invite, Daisy.... It's mighty nice of you. But I'm on duty right now, honey."

Daisy Duke:"This ain't an invite. There are two dudes here tryin' to rob Boss Hogg's safe!"

Enos:"They are? Oh... Well, I'll be right there!"

Daisy Duke:"Please hurry!"

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(Season 2 The Ghost of General Lee) Waylon Jennings:"Daisy's just like all the Dukes. She could find trouble in paradise." (He says this after the bad guy sneak up on Daisy in Boss Hogg's Boars Nest office, when she's opening the place up for business. And the bad guy covers Daisy's mouth so she can't yell for help before they tie her up to Boss Hogg's barber chair.)

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(Season 5 Coy Meets Girl)

In the kitchen of the Duke Farm house Run away orphan girl Bobby Lee Jordan's dog Max is sitting on the floor beside the table, while Bobby Lee stands up off to the side. He looks at her with sad puppy dog eyes and an "Oooh you lied to the Dukes Shame on you mom!" kind of look. Bobby Lee Jordan:"Now don't make me feel any worse than I do already. If we're gonna stay outta that orphanage, I gotta keep my mouth shut!"

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(Season 6 Boss Behind Bars)

Enos:"You know Sheriff, I was just thinkin'-" Rosco:"Well, that's yer first mistake right there!" Enos:"I saw Mr. Hogg at the car, but I didn't actually see him do anything except bump his head." Rosco:"Enos? Are you now tryin' to tell me, that you think that little fat meadow muffin in there is innocent?" Enos:"Possum on a gum bush Sheriff. I don't know. All I know, is a man's whole entire future is at stake."

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1 hour ago, Skipper Duke said:

(Season 2 The Rustlers)

Burl Tolliver:"Boss Hogg an' the Sheriff. What do they want?" Uncle Jesse Duke:"Well, I don't know. But, when you see J. D. smilin' like that, keep one hand on yer wallet."

This was one of my favorite! Along with when Roco says, " This is a kidnapping right? Wrong. How much do you want? Nothing. Well I can raise that! ....lol!!

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On 12/7/2021 at 9:38 PM, Hobie Hartkins said:

Another one from Swamp Molly......" Ya Wanna Wrastle?"    ( cousin Alice looksl ike somebody I remember from way back....)

Had a 'cousin Alice' in middle school, nobody bullied her, not even the boys because she was stood eye to eye or taller than most of the boys in school. She could spike a volleyball that you didn't want to be on the receiving end of it. 

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42 minutes ago, RogerDuke said:

Oddly enough I thought the same thing. She does have a familiar look. She also looks a little like Mrs. Puff on SpongeBob. 

Was she on that show with Doris Day and Denver Pyle back in the 70's?  Where did  the new front for out web site come from? 

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