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One Word Song Titles

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That's a new one to me, Hobie, but that's why I like this thread. Your song title reminded me of this artist. Runaway - Del Shannon  

Rio- Duran Duran Haha, that actually sounds as if it's sung in Elvish (since it is comprised of both welsh and finnish) Hoss.

Same title, very different song.   Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs    


"White lines and city limit signs" - can't help putting a different spin on that line after Tom's recent arrest! He should have listened to Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines (Don't Do It)".


Anyway, back to the music. Here's an Irish band y'all may not have heard of.


Celebrate - An Emotional Fish



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I see that Toni Basil's in the news because she's seeking damages for unauthorized use of her 1982 hit. Although we've had Weird Al's cover many pages back, I don't think we've seen Ms. Basil's version.

Mickey - Toni Basil


Notice that I didn't say "the original version", because that was released three years earlier by British group Racey (I prefer Toni Basil's version).

Kitty - Racey


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On ‎9‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 11:10 AM, HossC said:

:previous: That's a new one to me, Hobie, but that's why I like this thread.

Your song title reminded me of this artist.

Runaway - Del Shannon




This is Shannon...it's about a red Irish Setter owned by one of the Beach Boys way back when. I think Henry was a friend of his and wrote it about his dog. As far as Del Shannon goes, you know he shot himself in the head while on the phone with Tom Petty? ( I THINK that's how it happened......)

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I'm afraid that it's back to the obituaries today, and not just one.

First, country legend Don Williams has passed away after a short illness. He was 78. Most of his well-known songs have more than one word in their titles, but I'm keeping with the theme of the thread.

Miracles - Don Williams

RIP. Donald Ray Williams (May 27, 1939 – September 8, 2017)

The second death is that of Troy Gentry, half of Mongomery Gentry. He was killed in a helicopter crash in New Jersey, along with the pilot, although the circumstances haven't yet been made public. He was 50. The song I've picked has several references to muscle cars.

Speed - Montgomery Gentry

RIP. Troy Gentry (April 5, 1967 – September 8, 2017)

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Today we lost half of a British musical institution - Chas Hodges of Chas & Dave. They're probably not well known in the US, but they had a very distinctive style that mixed humorous sing-a-long pub songs with great boogie-woogie piano. This first song is about a partner who talks too much (rabbit and pork is rhyming slang for talk):

The title of the second track, Gertcha, is harder to explain, but the lyrics at the start give it a try:

I'll finish with a song about a family outing to a southern British seaside resort. Note that Cockneys pronounce Margate to rhyme with target:


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