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  1. Is anyone going? I will be taking my 1967 Cooter's Wrecker there to display.
  2. Interesting article, Meadowmufn. Elvira must be a real catch, as she was pushing for the maximum jail sentence against John. Also interesting to see that they were in talks for another movie on the Hallmark Channel before Tom had his issues. Bottom line, he should have definitely gotten a prenup, and been more careful with his money over his lifetime. I’d still feel for the guy though, even if I wasn’t a Dukes fan.
  3. By all accounts, John is a very nice guy. His mistake was not getting a prenuptial agreement with that banshee of an ex-wife. I got his autograph at the 2005 Superman festival in Metropolis Illinois. He stayed almost 2 hours past his scheduled time signing autographs for fans. I was near the end of the line, and his wife didn’t look pleased with him. From her demeanor, I’d gladly pay 18k a month to not be married to that demon!!
  4. He’s a valued member of the site, and was a big help on the decals for my Cooter wrecker. Congratulations Hoss!
  5. I second Chloe. Lana lost me after the whole dating Lex storyline. Plus, Chloe is a more “normal” person like Enos.
  6. He probably thought, “it pays the bills!” It wasn’t some hardcore nude scene or anything, just a run of the mill love scene really.
  7. I’ve got the movie. It has a choppy plot, and it is cheesy 80’s action. Definitely not one that most people would buy, but I enjoyed it being a Schneider fan.
  8. Rollman


    Yeah, it’s a great show, very addicting. I live close to Metropolis, Illinois, so i went to see John Schneider when he made an appearance at the yearly Superman Fest many years back. That is what turned me on to the show.
  9. I’d go, but April is right during the start of corn planting season, so I’m out. I just hope that some other member of the cast catches the reunion torch from Cooter. I would think that there would be a lot of money to be made in doing it.
  10. It was a good movie, i would recommend seeing it. Death Wish is my all-time favorite movie franchise, and Bruce Willis did the role justice.
  11. The wife and I are going to see the Bruce Willis Death Wish tonight. No one can beat Bronson, but I think he’ll do the role justice.
  12. Facebook has useful purposes. I've bought quite a few rare car parts through groups that I am in. You can post as much or as little about yourself that you want. I've made several friends through it.
  13. I'll be the first to admit, I've got a soft spot for Shania Twain haha.
  14. What people should do when the national anthem is played: Stand--R.E.M.
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