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There goes my diet..."groan" Wonder if I brew up some o' my extra special coffee, and ask real nice like, if MaryAnne will share just one o' those....

Did somebody say coffee? Heh! I can share a donut for coffee. Khee! :D

Now, I believe Hoss asked a question which BL answered. And I agree with BL's answer (just to keep things on track here. LOL)

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BL and Roger were spot on there.

Thanks for the pic, MaryAnne. When the word 'ring' came up in the 'Word Association' thread last night, my first thought was 'donut', but Garrett posted 'telephone' before I saw it :).

Q. At the start of 'Mary Kaye's Baby', the boys are being pursued by Rosco and can't understand why. What does Bo say he'd give to find out?.

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Texasdaisy was first, but everyone else was right too. Bo, the last of the big spenders, would give a whole nickel to find out.

MaryAnne, sorry I didn't acknowledge your answer to the last question, but you posted while I was composing my reply so I didn't see your answer.

Slightly outside the box this time:

Q. In 'Strange Visitor to Hazzard', the bad guys plan to 'scare the overalls off those hicks...' by '... broadcasting emergency bulletins about invaders from another planet. Like that radio show years ago ... that started a riot.'.

What famous incident are they referring to?.

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It's great to see that y'all have fond memories of Mr. Jones, points all 'round.

Awright, lessee... it's Mr. Jones, I presume. Looks like he applied here for a moderator position back in 2001. Wonder who got his job....

Brian, don't feel too bad for Mr. Jones. I hear Warner Bros re-hired him in 2005. Apparently he wrote the screenplay for a movie based on a popular TV series - did anyone see it?. :)

Q. In 'Swamp Molly', Cooter's paint job is so convincing that Enos thinks Luke is driving a real ice cream truck. After some initial indecisiveness, what are the 2 flavors that Enos eventually chooses between?.

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