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Brian Coltrane wrote:

On my wholesale hate list, are the Rosco replacements that appeared in Season Two. Most notably, "Sheriff Buster Moon." (episode was "Return of the Ridgeraiders." ) Eeeeyuck.

I didn't have any use for Sheriff Grady Bird, either.

I was equally annoyed with Sheriff Lester Crabb.

i didn't like the rosco replacements either it's not the same as Roscoooo P. Coltrane!!! :D:D:D

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Plain and Simple, Coy and Vance! I half-expect WB tried to clone John and Tom, but the two mutated into something hideous! Grady Bird was terrible. Never Abe Hogg. The official worse was Rosco's sister who acted like she never met him. Never was a big fan of Lulu, particularly when she was obsessed with womens' rights. At the top of my list: Hughie and Dewey Hogg, I was actually waiting for a Louie Hogg, man, can Hazzard yank out of Disney, huh? L.B. Davenport, Cooter's cousin wasn't half bad, but not half good either. But the worst guest (you're gonna kill me for this) WALYON JENNINGS! How could he be the Balladeer, a faceless, nameless storyteller, and an outlaw country star at the same time? Plus, he was kinda just a spectator when he was on camera, which I think he picked up as the Balladeer.

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What I meant was it was confusing when he was himself and the Balladeer at the same time in one episode, the normal Balladeer and the Waylon Jennings guest appearance was cool, since I'm a fan of the Highwaymen, but it seemed a little weird for the faceless storyteller, the Balladeer, to refer to Waylon Jennings in the first person. I hold nothing against him, but I was a little confused, so don't shoot the messenger!

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Joining this bashing session a little late, but hey better late than never.

My most hated/annoying characters would have to be Little Tommy Lee! The little boy at the orphange that Bo and Luke give the Show Dog to. I just HATE his voice! Just sounds so fake, dubbed what ever.

I also can't stand Frankie from Luke's Love Story. She was so flat. I also have to agree that Luke was a really jerk, and I'm surprised that he didn't get slapped in the face.

Well that's my top two hated characters.

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I think on "A Strange Visitor To Hazzard" that Alien was obviously a kid or dwarf in a Alian suit.

I did a check on this guy, and he was not a kid, he was a midget who did acting in a number of shows and things. I was blown away because he was on an episode of the Monkees during the 60's and that's one of the shows I love.

Oh well, I digress.

I think that the characters that annoyed me were probably all the replacements for Rosco and Cooter. Although I liked Dick Sargeant in 'Bewitched', his character seemed a bit too much a 'yes man' for my tastes. (I could not find a good Rosco/Enos shot for my banner so I have to deal with him). No one can hold a candle to Rosco as Sheriff of Hazzard County. I didn't really like then replacing Cooter with all of his cousins either. It wasn't that these guys were bad, it's just that Cooter is such a classic character that bringing those other guys in, seemed to make the stories drag. I guess it was hard for me to grasp the idea of someone else besides Cooter running the garage.

I thought Coy Duke was alright, but Vance seemed a bit on the dry side to me, so although season five was OK, I discovered that I didn't like Vance all that much. What was that bit with them always taking off their shirts? Bo and Luke never had to do that and they had tons of female admirers. :D

I also have to agree with who said that they didn't like all those fellows that Daisy was getting attached to, they annoyed me, because I love Daisy and Enos together. And for the record, I am a Jonathan Frakes fan.

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I saw that a few pages back on the exclamation of hatred for Hughie Hogg. I can't say I agree though. He's my all time favorite bad guy! As for annoyances of characters (Coy and Vance are included!) it would have to be the sheriffs that replaced Rosco and amazingly enough I'm not too fond of Sheriff Little. He just plan annoys the heck outta me! How could he give a parking ticket to his own daughter who wasn't even driving a real car? Oh and Luke Duke in Luke's Love Story...insensitive jerk! I just wanted to reach into the screen and punch him. How can he say that he can't be with only one girl while he wants Amy to be with only him? Rude!

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