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  1. Hi and welcome to HazzardNet.

  2. The singer Mariah Carey.
  3. Watch the video Ipad in Future!
  4. The actress Catherine Bach and actor Sonny Shroyer.
  5. CDoherty, I saw the photos of your bike General Lee and I liked very of see. Happy New Year 2012! Thank you.
  6. i1976, you're not the fool. I like Daisy Dukes and Enos Strate. You are the best.
  7. The friends John Schneider, Catherine Bach and Tom Wopat!
  8. Hi WB General Lee, I liked very of see the photos of your car General Lee. You are the best. Thank you.
  9. Hoss, you can make a bike like the General Lee?
  10. I like the movie Superman Returns. I have the movies Superman in 1978, Superman II, III and IV. The actor Christopher Reeve was very good and actress Margot Kidder also. She was fantastic!
  11. Mr. President Obama! He is watching the television show The Dukes of Hazzard. Very cool, Hoss.
  12. I did not buy the movie The Dukes of Hazzard in 2005, because I bought the original movie DVD was The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning in 2007 and I like very of see the movies. They are very good.
  13. I have my original DVD Ghost (1990), because the actor Patrick Swayze was fantastic and actress Demi Moore also. I believe there is life beyond death, because the spirit or soul is light, are eternal.
  14. Uncle Roger, Christmas is over...
  15. If you have any ideas about the very cool photo montages, please post here!
  16. Hi and welcome to Hazzardnet.

  17. Sorry, Hoss. I did not know. Thank you.
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