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  1. I always noticed Cooter either drank milk, coffee or what looks to be soda. He never (or rarely) had a beer.
  2. Never thought of that....that would have been perfect. I love the Christmas epidsode season 2. Time of year for "Christmas comes to Willow Creek"
  3. Didn't it seem like the boys were older when they came back? Luke was bigger and look older....Bo had the darker jeans and looked older.....storylines involved darker (murder "you said it, I didn't")...the show just seemed different. Plus the stupid stuff like aliens, fake cars, Boss and Rosco in Hollywood....my goodness
  4. Wow....Watching "Cooter's Confession" and they just jumped over the house....I forgot how bad the miniatures were. I usually don't watch past season 4.....Just reminded myself why. * Miniatures * Rosco acts more goofy (still funny, but sometimes too goofy) * Boss acts more goofy
  5. I always noticed this book, but didn't realize it was something worth getting. So much crap out there (new Dukes stuff without the real cast). Thanks
  6. Yeah..I forgot about the supply of cars becoming limited. You would think they would just use old footage instead of the fakes. hmmm I did not know the Fall Guy used miniatures....interesting. I use to love that show, but I havne't seen it in 20 years so I don't remember. I do remember some tiny people coming out of a special door on the side of the pickup. lol!!! No worse than "little cousin" coming to visit from out of space......all time low. Thanks for the reply....I'm new here.
  7. When/why did they start using the remote/radio cars for the jumps? Man...it looks so bad and fake....that's why I don't watch the later seasons. ruined the show....I remember Tom talking and being disgusted about it.
  8. HAHAHAHAHA LOL!!!! This scene was so funny. Thanks!!! I am going to watch it now.
  9. It wasn't at the garage.... Bo and Luke was hiding in back of the tow truck because they were on the run....Rosco pulled Cooter over because he assumed Bo and Luke would be with him. I remember Cooter saying "don't look under those floor mats Rosco..." Rosco then says "ah ha...under the floor mats huh?!?" Hahahaha yeah he didn't....30 years of watching the show I noticed it for the first time yesterday. Some other guy was working in the gargage when that kid sprayed Rosco with the squirt gun. lol!!! Why was Cooter so dirty in the first few shows if he didn't have the garage? lol!!! When did he get the garage and tow truck?
  10. There is a funny scene I have stuck in my head, but I can't remember what episode it's from. Bo and Luke are are hiding in the back of Cooter's truck when Rosco pulled them over.....Rosco wants to search the truck and Cooter says "you can search, but whatever you do stay out the front of the truck...."....then Luke hooks Rosco's car up to the tow truck, so when they drive away they take Rosco's car with them. Very funny scene....
  11. I was just watching "Dukes in Danger" and I noticed when Luke was changing the tire on the General we was turing the lug wrench the opposite direction (turning it right to loosen the lug nuts and left to tighten). Is this right for because of the tires on the General?
  12. Thanks! I knew it was an older episode because Luke was looking older and bigger in the photo. That's one thing I love about the show....the family stuff which we relate to. love it! thanks again
  13. Yeah...that would have been interesting. Uncle Jesse was more edgy as well.
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