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  1. Where is Mr. Carlos? Welcome to the board HazzardNet, Ramiro!
  2. CDoherty, Very good work!!! General Lee! Yee Haw!!! Thanks.
  3. Yee Haw!!! CDoherty, good job! Your bike General Lee is very cool! You are the best! Thank you!
  4. CDoherty, I wanted to see your pictures...please.
  5. When I was 5 old years in 1980 I saw The Dukes of Hazzard the television in the channel RTP 1 and the car General Lee that did fly about the sheriff and actress Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke was very beautiful and the episode was One Armed Bandits and I liked a lot The Dukes of Hazzard!
  6. Thank you, Hoss! I liked very of your artwork with bike General Lee. Very congratulations!
  7. Congratulations, greenmonsta. I liked to see more photos of your car General Lee.
  8. Who saw the actress Catherine Bach in the television series The Love Boat? The Love Boat is very beautiful and she appeared actress Catherine Bach in the episode No Girls for Doc/Marriage of Convenience/The Caller/The Witness which was filmed on May 3, 1980 and is the season 3. The Catherine Bach also appears in another episode Putting on the Dog/Going to the Dogs/Women's Best Friend/Whose Dog Is It which was filmed on March 25, 1983 and is the season 6. I saw the channel RTP 1 (Portugal) for many years, because Catherine Bach was very beautiful! On Ebay you can see the pictures she appears i
  9. CDoherty and Hoss, Is everything well, no problem. You are the best.
  10. Are you ok, Hoss? I do not know what's going on here... Artwork...Bike...General Lee... Please, Hoss...
  11. Wow! Hoss and CDoherty, Please continue your work and see photo of actor John Schneider!
  12. Hoss, I want to see the bike...General Lee. Please...
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