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  1. Do what I do and what they used to do at the NASCAR races......take a couple BC....they'll fix you right up fast! Unfortunately they've been my best friend lately!! Have you guys heard about how back in the '70's in the south, BC powders had a cult like following in and around NASCAR. I wonder how that happened and also, if that played a part in Petty's BC sponsorship? Or if Petty's BC car played a part in the popularity of the powder?
  2. OK what date has been decided? We need to discuss the way we commemorate and celebrate!
  3. You know....that COULD get nasty! That might be the only episode with parental advisory!
  4. Thanks a lot Spike. I'll check on this tomorrow!
  5. The name of the game is called, " Keepin' It Down!!"
  6. And the weird thing is, Wopat seems to be the only one who made and KEPT a lot of money!
  7. Well, I'll keep you guys up on when the Moonshine 400 is going to be but some of the guys in that list are NOT in the running! ( I think Harvick might have the pole position though.....)
  8. I've got back trouble myself bud, so I can relate. I feel for you! I sure hope you get to feeling better soon! Keep us up on it! ( I'll save a couple sips for you ....don't want to over do it....but you never waste a sip! )
  9. she don't look bad for 27! I wish she'd pay us a visit every now/then. James did. I wonder if she knows we exist?
  10. Well, I love Muf'n ....so if you want to do that, I got no prob. She's a very nice, very sweet lady! ....Though I'll go for whatever you guys decide....I just fig. May9 wouldn't be that far off and we could still have enough time to decide what to do to celebrate it etc.
  11. oh Boo! Hiss!! ( That was a bad one! LOL! )
  12. OK guys....has anybody made any decision? April 1st? May 9th? ...or one of the birthdays?
  13. Right now I'm watching Coy and Vance saving Boss' life from Boss Sharkey, et al.!
  14. Yes! Happy Birthday from Hobie, the town....well....you know who!) I am...!!! ( said in that same Hobie voice ...remember what it sounds like ....well... you know who you are..."
  15. LOL! Oh yes! I live in Sparta Tn. about 70m east of Nashville and it's really big on Blue Grass....Benny Martin and the big one, Lester Flatt are both FROM here! My wife used to bag Lester Flatt's wife's groceries when she was still alive!
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