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  1. And Boss said, funny I thought I was going to the other place! ...LOL!
  2. Yo Quiero Taco Bell = I want Taco Bell. ( They learned me real good in that there school I done been to! ....I majored in English, with an emphasis on grammer! )
  3. John Schneider will be at the Sparta Drive in on December 5, in case anybody want s to come see him. I heard for $100 you can meet him and talk to him and get pics, autographs etc. John Schneider Sparta Tickets, Sparta Drive In, 05 Dec 2020 – Songkick This is about 3 miles down the road from my house.
  4. I can't believe they let him use Petty's number! I thought they retired that! I've noticed his dad has no contact info.!...strange....
  5. oh, and I WILL fulfill all my campaign promises! ( wait and see! )
  6. I'm now announcing my candidacy for president! That's right Mason Jars for everybody! I will make you only 2 promises...but I'll keep BOTH of them! 1. If you elect me, I will take office 2. A vote for me....means a vote for me!
  7. see?? Everybody always jumping the gun! So many people try to stir some S%$t!! I'm sure ol' Bubba ( the real name he was born with, I'm sure!) was eating up the sympathy!
  8. Bubba Wallace.....THINK...Bubba, stock cars, the south, racing, ....etc. etc.....now...Wallace....think .....ever hear the name Wallace before? THINK!! ( The powers that be, behind the scenes, not just of NASCAR but of this whole country, are having some fun. Laughing at all us dumb asses. ) I'm willing to bet it won't be very long before he wins a race ! Sheer coincidence ...right? This is also how they control/run the country and set up our standards of living and morality....or lack of! This is all I'm saying about all this. I'm right wing and make no apologies! I'm done!
  9. How's this for a possible scenario? ( And this has happened before!) The powers that be did it and used it as a set up! WHY??? THINK! It is just like war itself. If you want to learn who is responsible, look at who benefits from it!
  10. Why can't every place be like Hazzard County? Because of the way people are now. Ever notice what Hazzard looks like?
  11. I'll join you in your pledge! Since I have been part of the problem you've heard people say, you're either part of the solution or part of the problem.....I say....if you THINK there's a solution......you're part of the problem! Ha! Ha! ( Nihilism at its best! LOL!)
  12. confederate flag ( unlike the sorry sellouts in NASCAR, we fly our Confederate flag all the time, especially during the races!)
  13. Here's something you guys may be interested in...... https://www.tmz.com/2020/06/21/plane-confederate-flag-flies-over-nascar-race/
  14. I may or may not be able to! I'll be spending a lot of time getting my place ready for the Moonshine 400! ( I hope to see you there! LOL!)
  15. Cooter gave Boss two 100 dollar bills and commented on how much Boss looks like Ben Franklin I noticed this! He really does! Who woulda thunk?? Rosco wanted more than 50% of 50% if he won so Boss said he'd give him 50% of 50% of 50%. Rosco loved that! I loved this! Rosco just knew he was getting a better deal! and the intonation of Boss's voice 50% of 50 % OF 50%...lol...made him think he was getting a goos deal! Ha! Ha!
  16. I know one thing, I'm banning anything NASCAR from now on!
  17. It looks weird but at least it isn't on the rear quarter panel like they were thinking of doi I think it looks pretty good like that but you know why...the sponsor has a bigger pic! It's all about the money!
  18. This whole pic was one big mess up!
  19. You forgot prejudiced, narrow minded, etc. Ha! Ha!
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