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  1. I think Uncle Jesse would like the doctors in MASH. They might enjoy the company of the nurses, but then Bo and Luke like the ladies. Aside from that they brew their own alcohol (gin not 'shine), have a strong view of right and wrong and fight injustice and discrimination when they see it. They also have strong family bonds, whether it be Hawkeye with his father, or BJ with his wife and daughter etc. etc.. Initially when I read your post I thought you meant Gerry Anderson's 60s series Stingray (the same guy that did Joe 90 and Thunderbirds etc.). Then I checked IMDb and assume you mean the 80s
  2. I do watch them in order - it wouldn't feel right otherwise. The only exception I make is watching bits of episodes to double-check trivia. This is only my second time through my DVDs (7 seasons + reunion films), and I only started this time because they were showing the 2005 film on TV a couple of months back. I've seen it once before, but this time I got ten minutes into it before deciding enough was enough and dug out season 1. At the time I had only just finished watching my 11 season box set of MASH for the second time.
  3. Hi there VintageDuke. I'm kinda new here myself, but it's good to see someone (like me) who gets straight into the swing and starts posting right away. I don't think we had the Mego figures in the UK, so thanks for the pics. I think the only DoH stuff I had back then was 2 or 3 model car cases for the 1:64 vehicles - chances are they're probably still in my parents' attic:). Keep up the good work.
  4. I'm watching season 5 now, and was going to put my 2 cents in, but it looks like it's all been said. I have to say I'm on the side of Roger (et al) - Coy and Vance did what they had to do. I'm about half way through their run, and after I'd got used to them, and they'd settled in, I found no problem enjoying their episodes (same happens each time I watch season 5). Now don't get me wrong - I'm still looking forward to Bo and Luke's return, but the ones I'm watching are alright. They are part of the show, love 'em or loathe 'em, they always will be. What I will say is what a well mannered, poli
  5. Hi Cookies, nice to have another member on the Emerald Isle. I'm south of the border in Kilkenny.
  6. Thanks for your continued support Roger. I have contacted MaryAnne about posting the crosswords in an easy-to-print format (not that that's going to help you:(), and plans are under way - watch this space. What do you think I should do about solutions?. Should I post a solution grid here or in it's own thread, or should people post their solutions within this thread?. I don't want to spoil your week, but there's another crossword ready to post, and a 4th that's about 98% done. I'll probably leave posting until at least the weekend to give people a chance to do the first 2. They have been very
  7. HossC

    My Cousin Vinny

    I always enjoy watching this film - it's one of those films that I have on DVD, but still watch when it comes on TV. First there's the cast - Joe Pesci, Marisa Tomei, Ralph (Karate Kid) Macchio, and the final film appearance of Fred Gwynne. Then there's the '64 Buick Skylark convertible and Vinny's Series 62 Caddy. Finally the defense case relies heavily on lots of technical car stuff. There's definitely something sexy about a woman quoting car stats (not that I find it hard thinking of Marisa Tomei as attractive:)). 'Top Gear' in the UK had Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on as guests this week,
  8. Hi Earl, don't worry about mixing us up - I've only been around a couple of weeks myself. Unfortunately you did make me jealous with your car list - aside from the General I love Mustangs, especially the 60s fastbacks. I don't know the Mercury (if you hadn't noticed, I'm on the other side of 'the pond'), but I'll check it out.
  9. Chalk up 3 new converts to Smokey and the Bandit. I've just shown it to 3 twentysomethings (some born 10 years after it came out - boy does that make me feel old), and they all loved it. We do a cultural exchange - they show me modern horror stuff, and I bring 'round great car/truck/road movies - I think I'm winning. We did Convoy 2 weeks ago, Every Which Way But Loose last week and SATB this week, will probably do Any Which Way You Can, Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) or SATB 2 next week. @bush tucker man (from nearly 5 years ago, but I know he's still about). There is now a replica of Snowman's ri
  10. Hi Earl, welcome to HazzardNet. May I fall straight into cliche and ask 'how's karma treating you?' - sorry couldn't resist:). On a more serious level, and at the risk of making myself jealous, what muscle cars do you have?
  11. @coronet440 I don't know what your stone carving skills are like, but it looks as though you have room for one of these on your ranch:). (Taken from the end credits of 'The Dukes Story: Building the Legend', one of the DVD extras on season 4).
  12. Happy Birthday Jimmie. It's was great to find that you are a member of this forum, and I hope you still find the time visit these pages. Another Q & A session would be wonderful.
  13. That's probably the easiest way - you could just scroll up and down while filling out the grid in your trusty (paper) notebook - the grid you need is 25 squares wide x 19 squares high. It would be great to make it interactive, but I don't think likely/possible in a forum (unless the moderators know differently). Should I publish the answers in this thread, or a separate thread so you don't see them accidentally? How soon do you want answers?
  14. I think we got the new series later than you guys - it was shown sometime last summer if I remember correctly. I watched several episodes and thought they relied too much on the special effects. Like other posts here I didn't like KITT changing to a pickup and back - color changes are OK. I haven't seen the original for a while, but I seem to recall KITT becoming a full convertible without much explanation as well as the strange changes in Pursuit Mode - I never got those changes either. In standard form I thought the new black Mustang was pretty cool though. By the way, it looks like there's
  15. Nice car - I haven't got a Coronet in my model collection: http://www.hazzardnet.com/forums/showthread.php?p=187335#post187335 I think they only do '67, '69 and '70 in 1:18. Sadly the models are as close as I'm likely to get to owning a car like this due to finances and living in Ireland.

  16. You just separate out the colors, cut out each one separately, then overlay them (I spent 10 years in the sign business). Nowadays it would probably be printed. I like what you've done with your place. If there are any Hazzard signs you want copied, and your friend still has his cutter, PM me with a screen grab and I'll see what I can do.
  17. I found this in the same book as I got the early pic of Sorrell. I think it's the only time I've seen Denver without any facial hair. The caption claims it to be from 1958, although IMDB gives the film (Good Day For A Hanging) as 1959. Apparently he plays Deputy Ed Moore.
  18. It's probably 2 years too late, but here's my version of the Boars Nest sign. I did it because I was thinking of getting it printed on a T-shirt. The artwork is all in outline, so it could easily be cut in vinyl, or scaled large for printing. You'll see I used it for my avatar. PM me if it's any use.
  19. Hi there. I've just put up 2 crosswords on the Trivia forum which I hope you'll like. On the 2nd one I wasn't sure whether the answer to 37 across was (10) or (6,4) - you're the only person who can tell me:) - Regards, Hoss.

  20. Thanks for putting me in your friends - I hope to make many more. Crossword #2 is now up - even if you don't get a chance to try it, can you let me know if the grids are showing up ok?

  21. It was finished, so it may as well be here:). CLUES Across 1. Last name of doctor before Doc. Appleby (9). 4. Guest actor best known as Eugene Tackleberry in the Police Academy films (5,4). 8. Boss Hogg's relationship to Hughie (5). 10. Uncle Jesse drives one of these (6,5). 11 & 14 across. One of Boss's properties that's been a casino amongst other things (6,6). 12. When it's not on the road, the General is doing this through the air (6). 14. See 11 across. 15. See 3 down. 16. Mill ____ ____ - one of the addresses given for the Dukes' farm (4,4). 18. Hazzard business also run by post mist
  22. Sorry for duplicating, but I posted this online so everyone should be able to see it even if they're not a member.
  23. Hi Roger - I've tried fixing the crossword for you - hope you give it a try. You even get a name check in one of the clues in the second one I've just finished (will post soon). Also thanks for replying to my posts - I've only been a member 2 weeks and I'm a Hazzardite already!

  24. I've tried inserting a link to the attached image - it works for me as long as I'm logged in - hope this works for everyone else.
  25. The tricky bit comes near the end when you've got loads of Dukes words in, and you need to fill the gaps. In usual crosswords the compilers can choose any words - I was trying to keep to the theme which means there are a couple of clues with slightly tenuous links, and a couple of easy ones too. It pops up ok on my computer when I click the thumbnail - have you tried right-clicking the thumbnail and choosing "Open Link in New Window/Tab"? - I've tried this successfully in Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox (3.6.7) - maybe other people could let me know if they are having problems, I will have t
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