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  1. ROSCOOOOOOO P. Coltrane. (Though that might've been used earlier. I just found this thread and started from the back. )
  2. Working on it. If we didn't have an HOA keeping us from having farm animals, we'd already have piglets and goats and chickens... As it is, I think we feed all the wild birds and squirrels in the neighborhood. LOL.
  3. The Bahamas are on my list of places to visit, probably within the next 3 years. You know how it is, you either have the time and not the finances, or you have the finances and not the time. In my case, it's the latter. I'd love to swim with the piggies!
  4. I was just listening to this album last week because I'd heard about the 50th anniversary. I love the Beatles. That's a neat coincidence. I'm gonna go listen to that song right after I post this. As for trying a little harder to get Fan of the Month, in my defense, I was probably too sick. LOL. But, don't worry. I get by with a little help from my friends.
  5. I think Jimmie and I did this once, but I didn't have a rose in my teeth. LOL. He was a lot of fun. I miss him immensely.
  6. Me too! Hubby and I have two dreams, we'll settle for either one: a beach house or a ranch where we can have LOTs of animals, including little piggies.
  7. Aww shucks. Thanks, Rog. The Fan of the Month was meant for other folks on the site, but I graciously accept. I am working on getting better. I'm still dealing with some pain, inflammation, fatigue and cognitive issues, but starting to feel a little bit better. My doctor has decided this is a bit over her head and referred me to a specialist. Hopefully, I can get in to see her before September (that's how far she's booked out). I have a week of vacation coming up, so hopefully I'll get plenty of rest and relaxation and feel better. Thank you. As if that wasn't enough, I just got new glasses with progressive lenses so I don't have to keep taking my glasses off or readjusting where I hold books to be able to read. Feeling like an old fart lately. LOL.
  8. I'm hoping I will be soon. It's an autoimmune flare-up. I'm trying to get into remission again and having a difficult time.
  9. It's fine with me if you start it up again, Rog. I really appreciate you guys keeping this ol' place going. I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been very ill the past six months or so and struggling just to keep up with my job, which is very stressful at the moment. I do come by and check on the place from time to time and I'm happy to see you guys are still here.
  10. To comply with FTC regs and such, we've added a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to the forums. You'll notice when you login, you'll be asked to accept the terms. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Ok, the site has been moved to a new server and the forum update is complete. Please let me know if you run into any issues by posting in this thread or contacting me:
  12. I'm planning on updating the forum software this weekend, April 8th. It might be unavailable for a short while.
  13. I would love to see a project like that done, however, you're sure to run into licensing issues with Warner Brothers if they get wind of it.
  14. Thanks for sharing that! So awesome. I hope I can get out there eventually.
  15. I was kind of bummed Atlanta lost. They had it. I think Atlanta beat themselves and New England took advantage of their mistakes. You can't let up on the Patriots, even if you're ahead by 3 scores. I think Atlanta had a much tougher schedule this season, playing better teams than New England had to face.