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  1. *sigh* It's been a rough year. First, we had my cancer to deal with. I'm back at work and stress at work is not helping with my recovery. Now, our dog's liver isn't working right and we have to schedule a liver biopsy and possibly an ultrasound. He's anywhere from 9 to 12 years old, our vet guesses closer to 12. We can't have kids, so our dog is our baby. I'm super stressed out. I would like a long stretch of good news for a change.
  2. I think she did a nude scene in a movie, but I can't recall the title of the movie.
  3. Can Cooter come by and fix up my old Trans Am? LOL.
  4. As Jimmie once said (regarding his dressing trailer on the show), "This place would fall apart if the termites stopped holding hands." LOL. Nah, I think HazzardNet is a little more solid than that.... I hope.
  5. Well, I took advantage of the server downtime to update the forum software again. If you find any issues, please let me know about them.
  6. That's weird, Rog. What browser are you using?
  7. I swear, the company that makes the software that runs the forums must watch to see when I update, because a day or two after, they release ANOTHER update. LOL. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend....
  8. Felix Silla played the Visitor. He also wore the costume for Twiki in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, he was an Ewok in Return of the Jedi, he wore the Lucifer costume in Battlestar Galactica, and was Cousin Itt on The Addams Family. And that's all the good stuff I have to say about "Strange Visitor to Hazzard". LOL!
  9. Ok, update is done! That was fast. I *think* the Template core error is fixed. If you see it on any posts, please let me know. I had to revert two old templates. If you find any issues, please post about them here or send me a private message. Also, I'm working on an update to the look/organization of the main site. It's been 5+ years since I refreshed it. Then, later this summer, hopefully, HossC and I will have a new section of the site to unveil! *tease tease*
  10. Time to update the forums again. They'll be down for a bit. Hopefully, it'll take care of that pesky "Template core" error.
  11. My mother is from the South. Arkansas to be specific. She grew up there during the pre-Civil Rights era and saw horrible things. As a result, she limited our contact with relatives that she didn't approve of their views on race. She taught her kids to judge people on character, not skin color, and to treat people as we'd want to be treated. She's pretty horrified by how casually people throw around the term "racist" without even knowing a person nowadays. Things have changed a lot and are for the most part better, especially in the South. She's seen real racism. And she let us watch The Dukes of Hazzard.
  12. Yeah, I saw that. They're trying to erase the General Lee from tv history. Also, a van isn't a car and a motorcycle isn't a car. So what's this about supercars?
  13. I'm still hoping someday we'll get a blu-ray release. *sigh*
  14. Thanks. My thyroid issues seem to resolving, but now I seem to have some sort of virus. Oof. It'll be nice to be completely healthy again.
  15. Sounds like you're feeling better, Rog. Glad to see that. I had a little setback what with going hyperthyroid from overmedication, but my doc adjusted my dosage and I'm doing better. Not looking forward to going back to work next week! LOL.