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  1. Someone else here might be able to say otherwise, but I don't recall seeing it any other time than that episode.
  2. One of the reasons I started it was to find more Dukes fans online interested in having online discussions and pointing them this way to liven up the forums. Yeah, there will be different discussions going on both places, but I'm hoping there will be a lot of crossover from FB to here.
  3. They were on the back of the General at the end of One Armed Bandits as Bo drove off with Jill Rae Dodson and the kid who was in the back seat "squirtin' flies" with soda.
  4. I did something I might end up regretting. I started a HazzardNet discussion group on Facebook. Are any of you on FB and want to be a moderator in the group? Ask to join the group and PM me your name and HazzardNet username. I'm only looking for veteran HazzardNet folks at the moment.
  5. Well, I spent the day "in Hazzard", gathering info for the newsletter, which went out tonight. So, that made me feel a bit better. I've been very ill though, having to work full time from home for the time being until I improve. Thanks for all the well wishes.
  6. Thanks. Went to the doctor today and looks like I'm in for 3 months of physical therapy. Ah well, as long as it gets me feeling better!
  7. I was thinking we could do a monthly "round up"... upcoming personal appearances or events, any news about cast member projects, this month in Dukes tv history, birthdays, etc. I'd like to leave out negative stuff, like Tom's current issues. I don't think that's something we need to highlight.
  8. If any of you are signed up for the newsletter, you've probably got an email a few days ago stating that I'm going to attempt to revive it. Probably on a monthly basis for now, maybe every other month, depending on how I'm doing. That said, if any of you have ideas for the newsletter, feel free to share them here or in PM. I've already gotten a kind offer from Mark B to provide some content (thanks!).
  9. I know I don't visit here often anymore. Real life has certainly gotten in my way this year. But every time I do visit, I'm glad to see you guys keeping this place going. I just wanted to say thank you.
  10. Family stories say we have ancestors from County Cork, though I have yet to confirm that through official records. I have confirmed ancestors from Ayrshire in Scotland. Having been born with red hair and green eyes, I assumed I inherited a great deal of the Irish DNA from my dad. Turns out, I'm only 3% Irish and 85% Great Britain/Scotland, with the rest being Iberian Peninsula.
  11. In several scenes, Danny Cooksey's voice was dubbed by well-known voice artist June Foray, best known for characters such as Rocky (of Rocky and Bullwinkle) and Natasha Fatale. Not sure why, but perhaps the sound quality wasn't great for those scenes and Danny wasn't available for looping. Not one of my favorite episodes. June Foray also dubbed Sport's voice in Twilight Zone's "The Bewitchin' Pool", one of my least favorite episodes of that series as well. I did love her turn as Talky Tina in "Living Doll" episode of Twilight Zone, however. She passed away a few months ago at the age of 99. She would have turned 100 last week (September 18th).
  12. I know this isn't exactly answering the original poster's request, but I thought this perspective added to the current conversation in the news at the moment. I have never wasted my time thinking of all the things around me that I could get offended about, and if I took the time to enumerate them all, I'm sure there are many. It just takes too much energy. I conserve my limited energy for important things, like family and making a living. The past is not something you can change, only something you can learn from. "One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present." - Golda Meir George Santayana also had some very sage advice regarding history... "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
  13. I've met the cast both at events and on the reunion sets. Tom was definitely the least friendly of them all. I hope he gets the help he needs though. Sounds like he's a mess. Wish I could have made it to this event, but my health wasn't cooperating. A big thank you to those of you who went sharing your experiences!
  14. Unfortunately, it isn't the first time. I hope he gets the help he needs.
  15. ROSCOOOOOOO P. Coltrane. (Though that might've been used earlier. I just found this thread and started from the back. )