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  1. The PD in my hometown in CA got word looters and rioters were planning to hit the mall 2 blocks from my parents' house. It's one of the largest malls in the US and just underwent a $280 million renovation. The PD blocked all entrances, exits, and streets around the mall with buses, garbage trucks, shipping containers, and wrecked cars. They had armored SWAT vehicles and fire trucks inside the perimeter. Seems the looters decided there wasn't anything worth looting there last night.
  2. There's a little town a mile down the road from us that had trouble last night. Fights, a few shots fired (no one hit), large crowd. Business owners standing out in front of their businesses armed to the teeth. Larger crowds are expected today. County sheriffs are heading in to support and National Guard is on standby. Oof.
  3. I'm sorry to say, the law finally caught up to them Duke boys. Saw this while monitoring regional police activity because we had some looting and a small riot about a mile from our house. VEH PURSUIT 06/01/20 22:14 (SEATTLE - SPD EAST) UPDATE: UNITS WERE PURSUING A DODGE CHARGER, 2 SUBJECTS IN CUSTODY, 1 NON-PD VEHICLE STRUCK, NO INJURIES [WAS133]
  4. I spent some time looking through voice over promos for some of CBS' regular promo artists and couldn't find a match. I can tell you who it isn't. It's not Don Robertson, John Leader, Dave Fennoy, Mark Elliot, Brad Crandall, Chuck Riley, Norm Stevens, or Gaylord Avery.
  5. Word is, we're starting to flatten the curve here in Washington. I hope that continues and the rest of the country follows suit soon.
  6. Well, you've probably done business with the company I work for (I'm a hardware engineer), they currently employ over 800,000 people (and hiring in other areas as fast as they can), and many people are ordering essentials through their website right now, so I doubt they'll close down. I'm sure they'll eventually hire more people for my team, but not before more people leave with a lot of domain knowledge. Which is kind of ridiculous because the team I'm on tests all the hardware that the website and other company services runs on and is arguably the most important team in the company.
  7. We're ok here still so far. In our morning meeting for work (almost everybody except those with essential business in the office are working from home), someone mentioned that we're starting to flatten the curve here in Washington. Hopefully, the rest of the country will be following right behind us soon. So far, I don't personally know anyone who has gotten COVID-19 (at least not a confirmed case, just suspected cases that they recovered from) and I hope it stays that way! Y'all stay safe and healthy.
  8. Just heard Joe Diffie, country singer, has passed from COVID-19.
  9. Aww, shucks. I've missed you guys, too. Work has been unbelievable lately. People leaving in droves and they're not hiring other folks to help and so our workload keeps increasing and our workforce keeps shrinking. A lot of people sick from stress. I'm looking for another job because I can't stand this much longer.
  10. Did you think I was joking? LOL.
  11. We always buy the biggest pack of toilet paper we can get, with mega rolls. We had just bought one a few weeks ago right before the insanity set in, so we're set for at least another week or two. Our freezer in the garage is full of mostly meat and a few tv dinners. We have some shelves with a lot of canned goods too out there. The inside fridge is starting to run a little low, but we have food for probably 3-4 weeks, longer if we ration a bit and get creative. And then, we have the "desperation time" freeze dried Mountain House rations for extreme emergencies. I come from a long line of country folk, so I'm properly trained on the intricate details of outhouse usage and have successfully avoided splinters and spiders multiple times. LOL. Our clan tends to prefer Sears catalog over corn cobs. When the tp runs out, we'll be ready.
  12. Since I've been sick for so long, mine and hubby's lives haven't changed a whole lot with self-isolation. LOL. Now everybody else gets to experience how I've been living. Hubby and I are both being careful because we're both immunocompromised. We're going to be home for a very long haul. Fortunately, I'm an introvert and ever since I was a kid I had no problems finding ways to entertain myself. I hope y'all are doing well. If you happen to read this, please check in on this thread so we know you're doing ok. The West coast seemed to shut down pretty quickly and it appears to have slowed the spread a bit. I see the East coast has exploded though. Stay safe over there, Easties. And if you're one of the ones who happened to hoard toilet paper, I've heard you can make moonshine from it...
  13. I just read about that this morning! Very cool. I wish a station in the US would carry it again.
  14. The amount of detail is just amazing. Good work.
  15. Sorry guys. I've been very sick. My Hashimoto's has been flaring (mostly due to job stress) and I've been sleeping about 16 hours a day. Very little energy for anything other than working. I appreciate all of you keeping this place going. I'm in the process of looking for another job because I can't keep going on like this.