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  1. Meadowmufn

    The International Thread

    I know there's a state park named after some of my distant ancestors in NY, Letchworth State Park. Jimmie had ancestors with the same last name in the same county in the same time period as mine. I would be willing to bet that with such an uncommon name in the same area in the late 1600's/early 1700's, Jimmie and I were probably distant cousins. I just haven't been able to find a connection yet, but I keep looking. That said, I wonder if there's a castle somewhere named for or belonging to my ancestors.
  2. Meadowmufn

    The last 24 hours

    Jimmie was fond of limericks. Some of the ones he told me, I can't repeat here.
  3. Meadowmufn

    The International Thread

    I love that show. I found it on Netflix and watched all the episodes they had over a weekend.
  4. Meadowmufn

    Forum Software Update

    You guys.
  5. Meadowmufn

    Post Christmas Blues

    My sister takes the tree down the day after Christmas. We leave ours up at least halfway through January. I don't like it to end either, Roger.
  6. Meadowmufn

    Forum Software Update

    I'll look into it. Looks like there's an update to the software, so I'll try to get that done this weekend to see if it fixes any of the issues.
  7. Meadowmufn

    Christmas 2018

    I'm acquainted with Boxing Day. We have a lot of Canadians here in Washington state. I usually take a week around Christmas off and I don't go out into the hordes of shoppers (too many germs!).
  8. Meadowmufn

    A Birthday Saal-ute to Meadowmufn!

    I'm more Scottish (mostly from Ayrshire) than Irish and I only know a bit of Scottish Gaelic. "Ciamar a tha thu?" And I'm more British than Scottish and Irish put together. I have a tiny dash of Native American. Research suggests that one of my 5th great-grandmothers was Chickasaw.
  9. Meadowmufn

    The last 24 hours

    Some of my ancestors are from County Down too! We have some ancestors from County Donegal and there are family rumors about County Cork too, but so far no confirmation in my research.
  10. Meadowmufn

    A Birthday Saal-ute to Meadowmufn!

    Aw, shucks. Thanks everybody, especially Hoss for that banner. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great Christmas with my sister's family and I had a wonderful birthday. I've got the next week off to rest and recover and I'm hoping I go into the new year feeling better. Health and happiness to you all!
  11. Meadowmufn

    Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and enjoys time with family and good food.
  12. Meadowmufn

    The last 24 hours

    Thanks, guys. Saw the doc this week. She said I had a virus, on top of allergies, on top of my regular autoimmune issues. Fun. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better by Christmas (my birthday).
  13. Meadowmufn

    The last 24 hours

    Yes, be grateful you have your health. My Christmas cheer has been running low too because I'm too sick to decorate or do all the things I'd like to do to get ready for the holidays. The last two years have been a neverending battle with health issues. The one thing I want for Christmas is to be healthy.
  14. Meadowmufn

    Rosco Sheriff's hat?

    My husband says Jimmie wore Stetsons and Resistols, but he's not sure on the models. The crowns back then were a higher style than today, so your best bet is to look for vintage hats on eBay or something.
  15. Meadowmufn

    Rosco Sheriff's hat?

    My husband is a bit of a Rosco hat expert. He's done extensive research and bought/shaped his own. Your best bet is a Stetson (which can get pricey), but I'll ask him if he knows what models.