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  1. To comply with FTC regs and such, we've added a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to the forums. You'll notice when you login, you'll be asked to accept the terms. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Ok, the site has been moved to a new server and the forum update is complete. Please let me know if you run into any issues by posting in this thread or contacting me:
  3. I'm planning on updating the forum software this weekend, April 8th. It might be unavailable for a short while.
  4. I would love to see a project like that done, however, you're sure to run into licensing issues with Warner Brothers if they get wind of it.
  5. Thanks for sharing that! So awesome. I hope I can get out there eventually.
  6. I was kind of bummed Atlanta lost. They had it. I think Atlanta beat themselves and New England took advantage of their mistakes. You can't let up on the Patriots, even if you're ahead by 3 scores. I think Atlanta had a much tougher schedule this season, playing better teams than New England had to face.
  7. Aaron Rodgers has the flu or something. I heard 15 of the Steelers came down with some bug too. I'm really starting to wonder if there isn't some germ warfare going on. LOL. I am REALLY hoping the Steelers beat the Patriots, but with that much of the team sick, doesn't look promising.
  8. Well, that's nice of you to say, Rog.
  9. I just remembered that I took a photo of it tonight.
  10. They still have Christmas lights (blue and green, of course) up at Centurylink Stadium and I walk past them every day after work. It gets me a little sad, since it's a reminder that the holidays are over.
  11. I have a soft spot for birds, so I'm hoping the Falcons beat the Packers, even though they beat my 'hawks. Well, mostly we beat ourselves last weekend. Ugh. I don't like the Patriots or the Steelers (sorry, Rog), but I'm hoping the Steelers beat the Patriots this weekend.
  12. Thanks for the input guys. I am kind of leaning toward the MediaWiki option, though I've been playing around with some of the features of InvisionBoard and I'm tempted to just move everything, including the blog, into the forum software and moving the forum to the root of the site. I think what I will do is get things to a point where I can let you guys play around with both and give me more input on which you prefer after actually getting to use the functionality. I am planning to keep editing just for veterans for now. Besides, I think the only folks who come 'round here anymore are veterans. And I appreciate you guys keeping this place alive.
  13. Suggestions are always welcome. Unless, of course, it's to suggest I take a long walk off a short pier or things like that. LOL.
  14. Sadly, I read this week that Invision is doing away with the chat room effective April. If you all are interested in keeping chat functionality, I'll look into alternatives.
  15. Aw shucks.