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  1. "The photographer from the pageant wants me to do a photo spread for a magazine. It takes place a month after this little one is born and it's shot down in Macon. Would you be ok with that?" Lizzy asks.
  2. well there's a few things I really want that I know I probably won't get but you never know. Season six which granted I will probably get The MPC Cooter's tow truck model, all the ones I've found online are over $100 and if it costs that much I ain't taking it out of the box and there was this rc race car set at Hobby Lobby near where I live but again $150 yeah right. It's nice to dream though.
  3. I did not notice the question or I would have answered earlier. The answer for the horn is La cucaracha Or when translated into English the cockroach
  4. The Yellow Rose of Texas Though I'm sure it's been used before.
  5. I'd have to agree with MaryAnne though I'm sure we all know why it's not smart to disagree with her. She's right in this case so I don't run the risk of something horrible happening.
  6. Hey don't sweat it girly sometimes life manages to get the best of you and you let everything else take a back seat but don't worry you're back and we'll be seeing you around the boards when you have to the time.
  7. Sorry to disagree there Roger but the answers is the Chickweeds. (Personally I think they ripped it from the Dixie Chicks but that's just me.)
  8. Living Our Love Song- Jason Michael Carrol.
  9. Well I don't know about season six without looking it up but I do know in season two there was a character called Black Jack Bender who was a retired mob boss that was trying to smuggle weapons into Hazzard or something like that. Sorry I couldn't answer your question Hoss.
  10. Thank you for your kind words and I did have a great birthday I went to the county fair and got myself a funnel cake. Well my mom bought it but anyway it was great.

  11. "Sleep beautiful I'll get her." Bo says climbing out of bed. After a quick diaper change and feeding Bo gets Tessa to fall back asleep and then goes back to bed himself. A few days pass and finally Belle is back on her feet and feeling better than ever. Things had fallen back into a routine and Bo was still contemplating the offer.
  12. "Sure what's going on?" Bo asks touching her hand. Lizzy slowly pulls away and Bo looks a bit hurt. "What's wrong?" "I...There are things I want to ask. Things I want to know but I'm not sure where to start." Lizzy says. "Ask me anything." Bo says. "Do you really love me?" "With all of my heart and soul." Bo says. "And the baby?" Lizzy asks. "Probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me." "And if I had to leave?" "I'd follow you to the ends of the earth." "Even if I didn't want you to?" "Only way I'd stop was if you didn't need me to." Bo says. "And..." "I'd marry you in a heart beat. Not because of the baby or because of the pressure but because I love you that much. I just wish you would trust me a bit." Bo says. "I don't know I still feel like something's wrong." Lizzy says.
  13. I told you I'd get around to posting pics one day. They're all on my photobucket. But there's one more to add, I've got Rosco's patrol car too. http://s43.photobucket.com/albums/e357/captowens/Dukes%20Of%20Hazzard%20model%20cars/
  14. Sometimes people can only come up with a few word answer off the top of their head.
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