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  1. "Can we at least go see him?" Bo asked. "Sure." Doc said. He stood then lead the Dukes down to Luke's room. They sat with him for a while until finally around lunch time Daisy came in. They updated her and Jesse held her tight as she cried.
  2. A while later the results were back and by that time Bo and Uncle Jesse had returned to the hospital and were sitting down with Luke's doctor. "So Doc how is my boy?" Jesse asked. "Yes Doctor we can take it. Give it to us straight. He's going to be ok and we can take him home now we just have to make sure that he keeps resting for the next week or something right?" Bo said. "Bo, let the doctor speak." Jesse said. Bo went quiet and both Dukes looked at the doctor.
  3. Scarlett heard the alarm and she rushed back in with a couple nurses and Luke's doctor and they got to work. After about ten minutes or so they stepped back and Luke had gone back to resting. The doctor turned to Scarlett and told her that he wanted her to stay close just in case something else happened. The nurse wanted to disagree but the look on both the doctor's face and Bo and Uncle Jesse's told her not to so she nodded.
  4. In the break room the nurse was talking to some of her colleagues and told them about him. As many of the nurses knew of the Duke family they were all sympathetic but one nurse in particular stared at her. "You're telling me that his temperature is 110 and you're not at all concerned?" Nurse Beth asked. "Should I be?" The other nurse asked. "110?" Beth asked. The rest of the nursing staff was staring at nurse Beth as though she just told them she had come back from the moon. "Honey that's not dangerous." The nurse said. Beth glared at her then rushed to Luke's room. Beth grabbed the covers and yanked them off then grabbed the cool cloth and began wiping down Luke's body hoping to cool him down. Several minutes later she pulled out her thermometer and checked his temperature and smiled seeing it read 102. Though it was still dangerous she wasn't quiet concerned as she had been. Just then Bo and Uncle Jesse reenter the room. "Is he ok?" Bo asked. "He's going to be fine." Beth answered. "Why did you look so panicked?" Jesse asked. "The other nurse told me that your nephew here had a temperature of 110." Beth said. "Is that bad?" Bo asked. "Very. I never seen a temp that high. Maybe she meant 101 and her thermometer is broken but 110 could fry his brain. I know up in Atlanta they had a case where the temp was 107 but here I've only seen 105. I'm a ICU nurse so I know how scary things can get but I'm certain your cousin is going to be fine." Beth said.
  5. "Come on Doc, you have to be able to do something." Bo begged hoping there was something the doctor could do. "I'm afraid not. Mono is a special kind of virus. There's nothing we can do to make it go away faster but we are treating the symptoms, gave him some medicine for the fever and the pain, but that's about all we can do." The doctor explained. "I've got two of my best nurses watching over him and we'll take good care of him." "Can we see him?" Uncle Jesse asked. "Sure, I'll take you down there right now." The doctor stood and lead the two Dukes down the hall to Luke's room. Cue Anyone
  6. Night race? What? Night races take place in the dark aka under the lights. This race is broadcast starting at six so it may very well end up finishing under the lights. However as the days are getting longer and the sun doesn't start it's decent until after 7:30 eastern we very may well call this a late afternoon/evening race. Either way I can't wait to see how Kurt does. He's been a lot better this year than he was last year.
  7. First and formost thank you so much for posting about this. As the idiots as Nascar have decided that the best channel to air the all-star race on is the Speed network (which I don't have) I was unable to watch it. It's great to see that the busch brothers were having a great night. On a small side note, of course Jeff is going to congratulate Jimmy for the win, he owns part of the car (from what I can find) with Rick Hendrick.
  8. according to an interview with ESPN Lee White, the president of The Toyota Racing Development took full blame for what happened. He said that the part that got Kenseth in trouble was a single connecting rod. It's a steel rod connects the piston to the crankshaft. As it turns out it was 2.7 grams or for americans less than 1/100th of an ounce. White equated it to the weight of two cotton balls. It wouldn't give Kenseth any advantage in a race but rules are rules. White said that it had nothing to do with Joe Gibbs Racing and it was all on TRD. They are hoping to appeal the decision and that TRD will do all they can to help JGR. They tested others and found one more from JGR and at least one from Michael Waltrip racing. On a side note with the license being pulled does that mean Kenseth can't race???
  9. As far as this goes it's all about the lines of your pit box. McMurray was touching the front line of his box and like you said another driver was penalized for having a tire outside of the pit box. According to Nascar rules all four tires must be inside the pit box. For the back and the side line no tire can be over it though like in Stewart's case the back part of the car can be. And for the front line of the box nothing can be touching the line. Any breaking of the rule is called pitting outside your box and you are penalized a lap. (Sorry about not posting earlier didn't see this post until now)
  10. From what I got from the replay that I saw on Nascar dot com it wasn't that he misunderstood the command it was that the jack dropped and when the jack drops that means the tires are fastened on and he can go.
  11. Just to let you know the game he's talking about is the Houston Astros v. the Texas Rangers in which the Houston Astros won 8-2
  12. As an UPDATE: According to ESPN Mark Martin will only be driving the number 11 car on the 7th at Martinsville. After that until Hamlin comes back around the 11th of May Brian Vickers will be driving the 11 car. Apparently Vickers was going to be driving the 55 car at Martinsville allowing Martin the week off.
  13. definitely I couldn't stand to see Johnson win another one. He's not that bad of a driver it was just getting a little boring watching him win so many in a row. No offense.
  14. I don't have a favorite driver per say though I am partial to Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski.
  15. as far as I can find there is no 01 but Jamie McMurray drivers the #1 McDonalds/Cessna Chevy. He'll be starting 23rd today. In fact I don't think the 01 car has been driven since 2008 when Regan Smith drove it.
  16. Well lets hope Danica has a better year this year and doesn't crash quite so much. She also didn't finish any better than 24th from what I can find last year. Also how the duels will work see http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2013/02/17/cup-daytona-500-qualifying/
  17. I know this is not the point of this thread but a couple facts. W.E.B. Du bois was not a white guy he was mixed race as his mother was a free black and his father a descendant of a french american. Second he had nothing to do with the Communist Party Of The United States as he was part of the NAACP which backed both the Republican and democrat parties at times depending on who supported blacks rights. In 1931 he even condemned the Communist party claiming that it unfairly attacked the NAACP.
  18. just an update here Garrett Joey Logano is starting at the back of the pack after crashing with Biffle and Hamlin. He had to switch to his back up car and that makes him go to the back. Ambrose will be first and Keselowski will be starting second.
  19. Just so you know Hardees is a fast food joint much like Burger King. I don't remember any references to Burger King in the series so I am also going to go with Hardees. As for your other question it's good ol' Luke Duke himself. Mr. Tom Wopat.
  20. OK I think I get the mailbox one where there's a huge space between Rosco and P because someone put an E where there shouldn't be but I'm still not getting what's wrong with the general.
  21. Me, me, me, me oh wait I wasn't born until two years after the series was canceled. In that case I pick B, Wilbur Fudge. That makes me think of Elmer Fudd. Only reason I remembered it.
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