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    • I'm going to look for those next time. ( I'm to lazy to hunt for it now!    ) 
    • Yeah, when Daisy rushes out of the house, you can see them up a ways behind her. They weren’t literally right behind her or really close...but they looked on the same property. However, maybe they were separate?? They looked pretty abandoned & long time unused even when the DOH filmed there.  The Dukes house was already abandoned too when it was used for filming...but wasn’t fully torn down until I think the late 80s/early 90s. I’ve seen some pics of a “Dukes” fan going through & exploring the abandoned original Duke house around 1987...a couple years before they started demolition. It was pretty “rough” & torn up inside, though. Yes, that’s the stone chimney that was originally part of the Civil War cabin, which was later incorporated into the house when it was built around it. Glad to see it’s still there! Interesting that there’s a “bridge out” near the old Duke farm, lol...the irony is almost too much to be a coincidence! 
    • Right on! Plus one!!
    • What is the deal with the “reactions”...all of a sudden I’m not allowed to leave any anymore?? I’ve never had that happen on fansites before?  But, sadly yes...anything wholesome, positive, moral, American, etc...is now considered stupid and sometimes not even allowed anymore!  But, Hollywood is paying the price...both figuratively & literally! A large portion of audiences are sick of the woke crap and are not watching. I’ve seen several things recently talking about Hollywood going broke...like they say, go woke go broke!  But, that’s why I’m so blessed & grateful I grew up when I did, and I got to experience shows like DOH firsthand! I’m also grateful these shows have been put out on home video so I can have them forever anytime I want, regardless of the idiocy of the media & modern Hollywood. 
    • I've just had a look at the episode as l don't remember noticing the other buildings before. If I have my bearings correct, they were a bit further back from the road and they look pretty derelict. Looking at historic aerial photos, the new house at the back of the plot was built in the mid-80s, and I can't see any trace of the other buildings in the 1993 image. The address was/is 2201 Lenora Road near Loganville, GA. The Google car went down the road in February 2022, so we can finally get ground levels views. As far as I can tell, the chimney is still there - check out the Streetview. Amusingly, there's a sign right outside where the Duke farm house used to stand that says "Road Closed At Bridge". Big Hayes Creek is about a mile down the road. If that's not an invitation to jump, I don't know what is!
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