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  1. "Are we forgetting something? The darn jerk is wanted for murder, in case you've forgotten what that means it means he has killed someone." Lizzy snapped. She was tired of seeing everyone just stand around and do nothing but chat and catch up. There would be time for that later. Right now it was time for something to happen to this dirty little lying piece of scum. "Take his DNA, see if it matches the DNA they found when they found Cindy, since it will send his behind straight to prison and stop catching up already." "Take it easy Lizzy, we will, just relax." Luke said putting an arm around her. "I don't want to relax I want to see the sucker get what he deserves," she spat harshly. To say that Lizzy was angry would have been an understatement. She was beyond angry. She was furious and upset and for Lizzy those two didn't mix very well. cue anyone.
  2. 1. does gaylord duke count? 2.wasn't there a female deputy as well? in one of the early episodes? And was Hughie a deputy or was he acting sheriff? 3. I believe luke said it but i don't really remember.
  3. Before Lizzy and Cooter went inside "Hey Dad did that guy just talk to his car?" Lizzy asked watching Micheal, the same guy she had met at the Boars nest. "Better question is did his car just answer?" Cooter said. "Wow where ever he came from I don't want to go there. It's almost bad enough when people name their cars, now talking cars. I'm not even going there." "Right, let's go in shall we?" Cooter suggested. "Ok, talking cars wow not even going to go there." She answered shaking her head sadly. "Let me get the door for you." A guy said. Lizzy looked up and saw a handsome guy standing in front of her but just nodded. "Thanks Brian, this is my daughter Lizzy Jackson-Davenport. Lizzy this is Brian Coltrane." Cooter said. Brain's eyes clouded with confusion at the hyphenated last name. "Jackson is my step-dad's last name. When I found out Cooter was my real dad 20 years ago I hyphenated it." Lizzy looked back at the Trans-am and then to Brian. "Talking cars, another Coltrane, maybe it is a good thing I stayed out of Hazzard for so long." They walked inside where Lizzy's eyes narrowed at the guy sitting in the middle of the jail cell. Julie spoke up and Lizzy looked at her. "Ain't no way I'll excuse what they've done. I'm Lizzy Jackson-Davenport. Cooter's daughter and yes Luke I have grown up since the last time you and Daisy saw me twenty years ago. Don't know what your cousin was thinking when we ran into him at the boars nest. I guess he didn't recognize me. Anyway Julie, he'll pay alright. I'm thinking a life sentence will fit just fine." "Life?" One of the guys asked. "Yeah that's the usual sentence for murder isn't?" Lizzy answered. "What are you talking about Lizzy?" Luke asked. "About ten months ago he met my friend Cindy Crensaw at Ted's tavern where he took advantage of her and left her in a coma from a reaction to the drug he used. You're a dirty little jerk who's going to rot behind bars." Lizzy spat at the jerk. Cue anyone.
  4. Lizzy nodded and then pulled out of the parking lot taking the long way to town. She really didn't want to get this girl Angelena or her mom involved in the custody case knowing it could make it even more complicated than it already was. Thanks to the evidence left at the scene of the crime ten months ago when they found Cindy, they knew that whoever had been in that bed with Cindy was indeed the father of her newborn and it had recently been matched to several other unsolved cases for which this Coltrane guy was the main suspect. Lizzy spent most of the time trying to calm her emotions and go back to being the cool headed whiskey runner she once was with her best friend Tom but soon she realized that she had been too closely affected by this to just let it slide. When she reached the jail she saw that she wasn't the only person there, there was also a Ford Mustang, two police cars, Boss Hogg's personal car and the General Lee, Daisy's jeep, and another few cars. Lizzy wasn't ready to face Daisy or Luke just yet so she walked across the town square to her father's garage and saw him bent under the hood of a car. "Hi Dad," she said softly. Cooter looked up and then scratched the back of his neck. "It'll be ok Lizzy, you know this." "I know, but I can't help but worry. I mean it's going to be so hard to win custody especially now that the baby has a half-sister who is right across the way if the guy I met at the Boars Nest was right." "You know you're gonna have to use the baby's name eventually." "It's Molly, Molly Jordan Crensaw." Cooter hugged his daughter close knowing what it was like to not be able to know your own kid, as Lizzy's mom had done that to him until Lizzy was four months shy of 17. When Lizzy had actually come to meet Cooter, Lizzy had been surprised at first as well as Cooter. From the time Lizzy was 14 and a half she had been selling her own brand of whiskey in three counties, better known as Firewhiskey. She and her best friend Tom Johnson were co-owners and founders until they got caught when Lizzy was almost 16. She was slapped with a probation that ran out when she turned 25 almost twelve years ago. Cooter did worry slightly that Lizzy's criminal record could get thrown in the custody fight but when he saw a black trans-am pull up outside the court house he knew he had to get Lizzy over there. Slowly he prodded her across the street telling her to put the custody hearing out of her mind until she could talk things over with Luke who had always been the one to calm her down for the most part. When they reached the jail they saw that it had become more like a three ring circus mainly focusing on the three men in the jail cell. Lizzy's eyes widened as it landed on the one in the middle. Cue anyone.
  5. "That's great and all Micheal and I do feel for you but it's different. You see it's a little more than what I told you. Three months after it happened my best friend Cindy's parents were ready to put an end to her suffering but right as they made the decision the doctor told them Cindy was pregnant so they decided not to pull the plug until after the baby was born. So yesterday was the day. The only darn reason they kept her alive was so they could have the baby they were denied when Cindy was two. It ticks me off so much. My best friend was used for her baby and now thanks to some stupid law I may not even get custody although that's what Cindy would have wanted." Lizzy's anger was coming to the surface again right as her CB crackled. "Breaker one Breaker one, I may be crazy but I ain't dumb, Crazy Cooter coming at ya, Little Red you out there on the Hazzard Net?" Cooter called. "Red here Dad what's happening?" "I think it's about time you got yourself down to the jail and let everyone know what happened to Cindy." "That's a big ten-for. Red out." Lizzy answered. She looked back at Micheal before sliding into her car. As she started her engine Micheal spoke. cue Julieduke
  6. "Yeah I guess it's sorta the same, but at least Ms. Duke lived." Lizzy answered. Lizzy was still having a hard time coping with the death of her best friend and the fact that she may never see her god-daughter again. "Poor little girl, she'll never know her real mother." Lizzy muttered before dumping her food in the nearest trash bin and heading outside. She was stopped outside next to her car by a hand on her arm. cue anyone
  7. Lizzy looked up a Micheal and tried to smile. "My best friend is dead because of him. They met about ten months ago and he took advantage of her. The drug he put in her drink caused her to slip into a coma and today after her baby was born her parents pulled the plug on her life support. I guess that means he's wanted for murder now doesn't it?" Then Lizzy realized she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh I'm Lizzy Jackson-Davenport by the way." Then she looked back down at her plate trying to decide whether or not she should tell this guy the other thing that was bothering her. cue Julieduke
  8. When Lizzy reached Hazzard her mind was full but according to the huge growl her stomach let out she was still starving. Lizzy parked outside of the boars nest and ordered some food but when it came she found that she couldn't eat any of it. So she sat and picked at her food until someone came and sat down in front of her. cue anyone.
  9. Lizzy Davenport looked up from where she was sitting beside Cindy's bed as the doctor came in. The Doctor says "Ms. Davenport I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Lizzy answers "Why?" "Because I have to take her off life support and I don't think you want to be here to see that." "Sir do you have to?" "Her parents have the power of attorney. I have no choice." "Alright, what's going to happen to the baby?" "For right now Ms. Crensaw's parents will get custody of her, but you can file for custody. If you can prove that you are better fit then the judge may grant it but it's highly unlikely." "Thanks." Lizzy walked out of the room holding back tears and down to the nursery to watch over her god-daughter. Cindy and Lizzy always spoke about what it would be like to have kids. Cindy had repeatedly said that Lizzy would be her first kid's god-mother but they never had a chance to make it official. After stopping by the nursery Lizzy walked back to the pay phone and called her father's garage in Hazzard. Cooter picked up his ringing phone and said "Hello Cooter's Garage, Cooter speaking." Lizzy answered still trying not to cry. "Hi Daddy." "Lizzy, are you alright?" "Yeah they just took Cindy off life support and her parents are going to get her baby." "I'm sorry Lizzy." "Yeah, the doctor says I can file for custody but he doesn't think I'll get it." Cooter told Lizzy what he had just heard from Bo about Xavier Coltrane being locked up in Hazzard jail. After describing him, Lizzy got really upset. Cooter noticed the change in his daughter tone and asked "Do you know him Lizzy?" Lizzy shook herself of everything she had been told by Cindy's parents before answering. "No, but I knew someone who did. I'll be down there in a little while after I talk to a guy about some paperwork." "Take care of yourself Lizzy." Lizzy and Cooter hung up and after saying good bye to Cindy's parents she raced to the courthouse and then down to Hazzard to have a few choice words with a certain criminal. Cue any one
  10. Does anybody know why Cooter was missing from those four episodes in season two. I don't mean Ben Jones I mean Cooter. Did they give a reason on the show or was it just poof he's gone and he'll be back later or what? LJ-Davenport The episodes were "The Runaway", "Follow that Still", "Duke of Duke", and "Grannie Annie".
  11. personally although i liked the episode i couldn't believe that the boys were dead. I mean seriously after all the good driving the boys had done in the previous season I didn't believe that he'd just suddenly go into the pond. another thing I didn't find believable was that a shirt and a pair of pants was enough to make everyone believe the boys were dead. Wouldn't it be more logical if they found bodies. No bodies, you can't prove their dead. Maybe I'm thinking too much like a Vulcan about it or what I just said didn't make much sense, but the lake scene didn't make much sense and wasn't very believable to me. LJ-Davenport
  12. Lizzy looked up as the sleet began pounding the asphalt outside her father's garage. "Come on Dad you promised the Dukes you'd be at their place in half an hour. Go wash up and I'll take care of stuff in here." "Lizzy you don't have to do that." Cooter answered. "Of course I don't but it's Christmas Dad, you promised them so go along and I'll finish off this cruiser for Boss." "It's Christmas Eve Lizzy you shouldn't be working either." "You know why we have to and I'm not going to argue with you about it. Go on. I'll be fine. It'll take about another 15 minutes I promise I'll be there before the turkey's done." "Fine." Cooter leaned over and kissed the top of her head before heading out to his truck. "BE CAREFUL." He hollered back inside before driving off. Cooter knew Lizzy was way to stubborn to allow Cooter to finish the Crown Vic, especially not when it was Christmas so he finally gave in. Lizzy slowly worked on the cruiser praying that her dad arrived at the Duke farm quickly and didn't get stuck out in this nasty weather. When Lizzy finished the car she put her tools away, locked up the garage doors and then headed for the office where after shutting off the lights and locking the door behind her she finally made it to her car. The 'Mouse,' was waiting patiently for her as always, her forest green 69 Charger had been her faithful friend since she repaired it at 15. Sliding through the window on the driver's side she started the engine and wound her way through the county. It had been a while since she had been back in Hazzard and she couldn't believe how much it hadn't changed. Lizzy was drawn out of her thoughts as her headlights landed on a black Pontiac Safari sitting on the side of the road. An elderly man was standing next to it shivering and looking to be lost and confused. Lizzy pulled over behind the man's car and slowly walked up to him. "Excuse me sir is there anything I can do to help you?" Lizzy asked laying a hand on his arm. "My tire, I think it may be flat." The man answered. "Okay, do you have a spare sir?" "It's in the trunk." Lizzy walked around the car and noticed that his right front tire was indeed flat. She walked back to his trunk and pulled out the spare but noticed he didn't have a tire iron or a jack. "Sir why don't you go ahead and have a seat in my car it'll get you out of the weather. I'll have your tire changed in no time." The man nodded and walked back to the 'Mouse', before climbing into the passenger seat. Before too long the spare was on and Lizzy was back talking to the man. "What do I owe you for the change?" "Not a thing. It's in my blood. I can't help but stop for someone with car problems." "I honestly owe you something. I refuse not to pay you." "Just promise me you'll help out the next person you can." "That I can do. We need more people like you around. Young kids today just aren't what they used to be." He muttered. "Do you want me to make sure you get home ok? Or will you be fine by yourself?" "I'll be fine thank you so much." "Absolutely. Merry Christmas sir." Lizzy smiled and watched as he drove off slowly. She smiled softly and then drove on to the Duke place. "Lizzy you made it." Luke said when she came in the door. "Of course I did you guys have the best Christmas turkey in the county." Lizzy answered. "Well Cooter said you'd be here before the turkey was done and when you weren't we got a little worried." Bo said. "Did something happen?" "Yeah, a little old man about 6 foot, kinda fail-looking, driving a beat up black Pontiac Safari had a flat tire. It's in my blood to help and with the weather being what it was I had to stop and help." Lizzy answered. She sat down on the arm of the couch next to Cooter and rested her arm on his shoulder. "Well then how about some carols while we wait for the stuffing and mashed potatoes?" Jesse said. Slowly that Christmas progressed with presents for all and even a couple of tires and a free tune up to the Johnson's who Lizzy had helped. Lizzy Jackson-Davenport
  13. me personally... 1 b 2 c 2 d 3 e I'm all over the place but looks like I still came out a davenport
  14. Hey just thought I'd jump in here and say hi. Oh and to explain the background behind my Username. Now lets assume that in season 6 Cooter's 34, and this is from a vague memory of Cooter's girl, because he was 16 when Nancy Lou was born and that is 18 years later. Now if we take this to be true we can say that two years before that, when he was 14 he made the same mistake but wasn't told of it and now has a 20 year old illegitimate daughter and Nancy Lou's half sister e.g. Me. This is actually a theory I'm working with for a fanfiction I'm writing but haven't posted. main background part is that she was raised in Atlanta and her step-dad's last name is Jackson hince the Jackson part but she meets Cooter, her biological dad, when she's almost 17. That's me in a nutshell. Or well my character. In real life I'm from a very small town in Ohio with one stoplight and a graduating class of 363. I love the Dukes, especially Bo which is another story. Lizzy
  15. Thanks for the answers guys. Like I said I can't find out because it's no longer on tv and I can't find the dvd's anywhere around here.
  16. i agree with all of them, it was gold. any way I've got a couple of questions since the dukes has now gone off air and I can't watch it to find out. Is Capital City in Hazzard County? I can't remember the other one right now but I'll let you know when I do. Oh and by the way (this is really more of a rant) how often are the boys known to drive without their clothes on. In the episode Ghost of General Lee when the car goes over in the lake and we find out Rosco can't swim, Enos brings up their clothes and that causes everyone to believe them to be dead. I mean if they really drowned wouldn't you expect to find them in their clothes and with the car or in the lake? Nope all Enos does is bring up a shirt and pair of pants and automatically the boys are dead. Weren't the boys good swimmers too? I don't just a thought I had. Another question I just thought of are B.B. and L.B. Davenport cousins of Cooter? I don't remember. Thanks Lizzy
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