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  1. First of and most importantly I want to preface this by saying for the first 10 to 15 years that I watched Nascar I was a huge Gordon fan. I don't know if that was because he drives the 24 car and I was born on the 24th or if it was because he always seemed like a great guy. Lately I've moved to support Kyle Busch but I still like Jeff. After watching today's race i have to say I have never been more disappointment in him. Jeff has always been above the stuff that has happened on the track. Think about it this way: Had it been Junior or Jimmy or Denny Hamlin or another driver besides Brad no one would be quite as upset. In fact I'm pretty sure had the situation been reversed Jeff wouldn't have said anything about it. The way I saw it Brad saw an opening between Jeff and Jimmy and went for it. Jeff slid down to cover him but didn't have the clearance he needed so they connected and Jeff's tire went flat. Brad takes chances and sometimes they pay off. Brad's still in the chase for the race and he wanted that win just as bad since he's like 7th or 8th in points. Both Brad and Jeff needed the win to go through to Homestead. If you want to blame someone blame Clint. Three to go and he wrecks his car. If he hadn't done that then they wouldn't have had the two green white checkereds and Brad wouldn't have had the chance to go for it. Unfortunately I think Nascar is going to come down harder on Jeff for what he called Brad during the post fight interview than they will for Brad taking a chance to win.
  2. Don't worry Garrett the next race falls on a Sunday when I have to be working (and unfortunately the guys I work with a football fans so that's going to be on the TV in the break room) so I'm going to miss most, if not all, of the race.
  3. I'm not real good at this but I'll give it a shot. Total of 4 cautions tonight: The first being a competition caution, then two for debris, and then finally the fourth was for a spectator climbing the crash fence around the track (which one of the commentators said he hadn't seen in nearly 30 years). This could be because Goodyear brought a new setup to this track and it spread the field out for the most part and with a spread out field you can't really bump into anyone and cause a major wreck. Brad Keslowski lead the most laps tonight leading all but 17 laps tonight. Kevin Harvick lead the other 17 laps. Jeff Gordon stayed in the top five for most of the night finishing in second. Mostly a quiet night tonight. No big feuds tonight, no one getting angry. All in all a good race. The biggest word for tonight was solid. Seems like everyone was racing a solid race. Side note: after the race Jimmy Johnson climbed out of his car under his own steam but was feeling very faint and at one point was lying on his back next to his car. His crew members called medics and they took him over to the infield care center. Still awaiting word of what happened to him but the announcers speculated that it was dehydration and carbon monoxide. Results are: 1 Brad Keselowski 2 Jeff Gordon 3 Clint Bowyer 4 Jamie McMurray 5 Kevin Harvick 6 Joey Logano 7 Kurt Busch 8 Jimmie Johnson 9 Ryan Newman 10 Aric Almirola 11 Kyle Larson 12 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 13 Brian Vickers 14 Kyle Busch 15 Tony Stewart 16 Danica Patrick 17 Kasey Kahne 18 Paul Menard 19 Greg Biffle 20 Austin Dillon 21 Denny Hamlin 22 Carl Edwards 23 AJ Allmendinger 24 Reed Sorenson 25 Martin Truex Jr. 26 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 27 Marcos Ambrose 28 Justin Allgaier 29 David Gilliland 30 Cole Whitt 31 Casey Mears 32 Josh Wise 33 David Ragan 34 Landon Cassill 35 Mike Bliss 36 David Stremme 37 Michael Annett 38 Alex Bowman 39 Travis Kvapil 40 Joe Nemechek 41 Matt Kenseth 42 Ryan Truex 43 J.J. Yeley Next race is live from Chicago at 1 pm eastern.
  4. A race I'll actually get to see. Saturday nights there are too many options on for me to constantly stay on one channel and when they race one Sundays it's right during the middle of the day when I'm working. I can't wait.
  5. Perhaps and maybe this is just me but what I get from reading this thread and looking at the two drawings on the first page is that the bar is on one side and Boss's office is on the other. I took some time to look over the drawings and the conclusion I came to was it was possible that they just changed their filming angle. It's like in the first couple of seasons they filmed from one direction making it appear as though the bar is left side and Boss's office is on the right side and then they switched it around for the rest of the seasons. Perhaps the Boar's nest has two doors to the exterior (three if you include the one in Boss's office). You've got the main door to the front of the building where when you come inside the bar is to the right and the office to the left and then you've got the back door and if you walk in that the room would look reversed. From the way I'm looking at the screen shots from the different season's everything is on the walls in nearly the same positions so it just seems odd to me that they would swap around the entire middle layout. It would make more sense if they just changed their direction of filming. Did that make any sense?
  6. Ok who got the name wrong? Garrett just called it the Brickyard 500 but yesterday Hoss said it was The Crown Royal Presents the John Wayne Walding 400 at The Brickyard. Or perhaps does this race have two names.
  7. before 1981 there was no standard as to vin format or length. It could be anywhere from 11-17 characters in length. As far as I know and from what I've found on DMV.org most vins contain both numbers and letters. It also says the places to look for a vin is: 1)At the front of the engine block. This should be easy to spot by popping open the hood, and looking at the front of the engine. 2)At the front of the car frame, near the container that holds windshield washer fluid. 3)At a rear wheel well. Try looking up, directly above the tire. 4)Inside the driver-side doorjamb. Open the door, and look underneath where the side-view mirror would be located if the door was shut. 5)At the driver-side doorpost. Open the door, and look near the spot where the door latches, not too far from the seatbelt return. And 6)Underneath the spare tire. 3, 4, 5 and 6 would probably work for this car. Also when you do find the VIN there are plenty of sites that allow you to check online for free. The NICB.org and CARFAX being two of them. Though I think Carfax has to be on cars made after 81.
  8. You must have clicked on the exclamation icon at the bottom by accident. Also wanted to note this win is also four days after Richard Petty's 77th birthday.
  9. I knew Kyle was good but I didn't know he was good enough to qualify two at once.
  10. Want to correct you on a minor thing here, Keselowski was four when they restarted the last time as Junior was second and Gordon was third. Gordon hit the brakes coming to the end of pit road after the last caution so he could restart third. The reason Keselowski hit Kenseth's rear was because not only did Kenseth block him, which he was also doing to Gordon, gotta give him some props for blocking two cars at once, but Kenseth also ran Keselowski up into the wall. Squeezed him right into the wall. I don't have a problem with him blocking and neither did Keselowski as he said in a post race interview but Brad didn't like being run up into the wall. He wouldn't have been so hot under the collar if Kenseth had won off a move like that but since he didn't win it was just wasn't right. I was totally expecting Gordon to slip under them both when they were bumping and shoving but it seems Logano got the jump instead. Like you said we're off to Talladega next week and that's all that matters.
  11. For the past couple years I've been a fan of Kyle Busch. I've started pulling for Austin Dillon this year as well. He's been doing pretty good for being a Sprint Cup Rookie.
  12. Back up there. I thought points do mean something? The way I read the rules in the chase format was the top 15 drivers with the most wins get the first 15 slots and then the 16th slot goes to the driver with the most points after 26 races? so points are still kinda important. maybe I'm wrong but that's the way I read it.
  13. Did they rename this race? I don't seem to remember it being called Duck Commander 500 previously.
  14. For all of you Jeff Gordon fans I just want to point out that Mark Martin will be 55 in two days (on Jan 9th). So if Mark can still be racing at 13 years older than Jeff I see no reason why Jeff shouldn't keep going. As an edit Cale Yarborough didn't retire until 49 and Richard Petty retired at 55. Keep hope alive.
  15. HELP!!! Does anyone know where I can get a 1/25th MPC model kit of Cooter's Tow Truck. Evidently they are really rare and I don't want to pay more than $50 for one. I've tried Ebay but like I said I don't want to pay the prices those can go up to. Some of the ones I see that are listed as Buy it now are 80, 90, even up to $120 for one single kit. I mean seriously it's a model kit and not a priceless heirloom. If I wanted to pay that much for it, it'd never come out of the box and if I did put it together then it had better drive itself and put itself together. Anyway does anyone know of anywhere in the U.S. that sells this particular kit for reasonable prices? Thank you.
  16. Yeah not all of us. I know where I live we still have cable and Time Warner (our provider) doesn't have CMT unless you have digital cable or Hi-def. That is great news but I guess I'll just stick to my DVDs.
  17. Left: Peter Breck and Right: Royce D. Applegate. Episode: Hack of Hazzard. Royce came back a few years later for the Episode Enos and Daisy's wedding.
  18. You mean so that you see the first post that was posted in the topic at the top of the first page then below it you see the post that was posted after it say like two or three minutes later? If so all you have to do is go to the top of the page where it shows the HNet banner and then above that it says welcome username, notifications etc. The third one says settings. Click that and it will take you to your account page scroll down towards the bottom left hand side and under my account it says email settings then general settings. Click on the general settings. About halfway down the page it says Thread Display Settings. The second section says thread display mode. This gives several options on how to view each thread. If you click the down arrow it gives you those options. If you click on Linear-oldest first it will show the thread with the first post at the top of the first page then each response below that. If you meant something else please explain and I will try to help.
  19. I don't think he jumped the restart, I think he hit the gas at the same time Paul Menard did, but the Menard's wheels spun and Menard made a bit of contact with Edwards. It's not like Carl could have held off the gas when he saw Paul had spun his wheels. That could have caused a bigger accident.
  20. Ok I have to ask why would it be fun to face them in the playoffs? They're in the same division. National League Central. The Pirates play the Cubs 19 times all season including seven upcoming games this month. You've seen them play all season. As far as the Division goes it'll probably be the Pirates and the Cardinals. Unless Cinci picks up their game and knocks out the rest of the month and fights it's way to the top. I'm hoping so and that way I can watch the Braves and the Reds do battle for the national league title. That's just me and my dad though. Good luck to your Pirates.
  21. A couple moments later Jesse went inside to check on Luke and found him on the floor. Jesse called Bo and they got him back into bed. Then Jesse called Doc Appleby to come over and check Luke out. As he waited Jesse checked Luke over but found no visible injuries.
  22. Jesse knew thanks to the doctor and nurse that he had spoken to at the hospital that he shouldn't expect a very quick recovery from his boy but he wished that Luke would recover faster. When Luke had eaten everything he could Jesse took the tray back into the kitchen and began cleaning up. "He not hungry Uncle Jesse?" Bo asked. "Not too much. It's to be expected though. We just have to keep working with him." Jesse answered. "I wish he was better." "Me too, we just have to pray." "I do. Every night." Bo sighed finishing his sandwich.
  23. "Yes sir Uncle Jesse." Luke answered. Jesse and Bo got Luke set up in his room then Bo went out to finish his chores that he was behind on and Jesse began working around the house. Jesse checked on Luke every couple hours and every time he did his nephew was asleep.
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