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  1. Chat?! I got stuffs to tell you!

  2. DaisyMaeDuke


    It does kind of sound like that ...it is hard to tell I am not sure about that one....
  3. DaisyMaeDuke


    well...I actually think you'ree both wrong...LOL I think it's: He's stubborn as a Georgia Mule and I know it isn't pee or bleed...it's : You'll pay write through the nose!!!
  4. Congratulations Garrett! What a great way to start the year off right!
  5. my last day as fan of the month...how sad....lol
  6. I got a Dukes Annual from my big brother- he knows me so well! I also got a new laptop with which to frequent HNET so I guess that counts as Duke related right?
  7. Im gonna say.... Mrs Perkins at the book store Bear's Hollow Central City
  8. *eyes widen his jaw dropping in shock* Danny?! *grabs his hand shaking it*
  9. *looks at him skeptically* Uncle Jesse...you're hidin' somethin....what is it?
  10. Good as they can be I recon *answers as he wrapped the barbed wire around a pole to secure it*
  11. mine went well....wanna chat...I'll tell you what I got if you tell me what you got lol

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