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  1. Thanks. Maybe one day I'll have the inspiration for another one.
  2. I don't like the show, too: I'll only see the few episodes with John, the series will arrive here in spring or summer, if I'm not wrong. But it's true that an actor has to be different genre, one can't be always the same type of character. For example, Robin Williams started as a comic, but he next played some beatiful dramatic parts.
  3. Well, I haven't a title for the story yet. Actually, it's a very simple one 'cause my english doesn't permit me to write too complicate yet, so I hope you'll appreciate my efforts, lol. I have to divide it in part, 'cause the post can't upload in entirely due to the dimensions. parte1.txt parte2.txt parte3.txt
  4. Ehi, welcome! I'd love to see Canada but it's too many hours flight from Italy. Do you like Bryan Adams? He was born not very far from where you are.
  5. Welcome! If you want a suggest...buy the 5th season for last, it's the only one without Bo and Luke!
  6. Here's an interview about the serie http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/2007/12/04/2007-12-04_john_schneider_tuck_my_hazzard_role_away.html?ref=rss
  7. Maybe it's only that some dvd players are not good for the doubled side discs...
  8. morgan

    John's portrayt

    After a lots of try I reached to register (don't know why but it didn't accept my e-mail address). I left a post where there is "contact John" but I can't put attaches or to see if he answer. Actually, I don't understand well how it works: there is a section "blog" where John posts messages but I can't start new discussions. Another for "friends" but it tells me I can't left messages if I haven't a friend. I'll try in the "international fan club" but I have to wait a week. Someone can explain how it works, please, lol?
  9. Hi Laura! I love McGyver! It was very famous here in Italy! I watched it lots and lots time and I know almost any episode; a little less the last seasons 'cause they used to show it in the morning so when I started to work I hadn't the chance to see it. Now I have the 4th season, soon I hope to buy the others. I never tried to do some experiment, better not do to...disaster!
  10. I had 2 rabbits, too, years ago: one black named Rainey and one dirty white named Piggy. My dog, Leo, for Xmas received a box full of biscuits.
  11. I tried to put some discs on my pc but, even if only 1 time, it had the same problems. All the others dvds work on my dvd player. The very strange thing is that the same disc that I can't see, 2 friends can; one of them had to duplicate me a b-side of 1 disc of season 7 that I can't even start to play and he saw it perfectly!
  12. morgan

    Name songs

    "Carrie" by Europe "Diana" by Bryan Adams (dedicated to Lady D.)
  13. morgan

    John's portrayt

    Thank you. I'd like to show it to John but I don't know how to do. I can't register on his Myspace and it seems the only way to contact him.
  14. I don't like very much to watch Xmas stories so that evening, there wasn't anything special, I put on McGyver's dvds
  15. As often said in other posts, lots of the b-side of the dvd boxes have problems: sometimes they work, sometime they stop during the episode and there's no way to go on. Don't know what it depends on.
  16. I read that particular on the book some time ago and I made myself the same question!
  17. morgan

    John's portrayt

    Well, this is made by me: hope you like it
  18. morgan

    Name songs

    There's an old (and not very famous, actually) italian song called "Daniela": I remind it only 'cause it's my name. Others I know are: "Susanna" by Celentano "Daniel" and "Nikita" by Elton John "Piccola Katy" and "Eleonora mia madre" by Pooh "Clementine" by Mark Owen
  19. Merry Xmas to everyone! As almost every year, I got sick in this period but...what can I do?
  20. I looked for it in some famous shops in Milan but I couldn't find both the original or the italian version. Unfortunately, I can't order it on Amazon or E-bay 'cause the dvd are region 1 and here in Italy we have the 2; same things for the Vhs! Acc, why you American have those differences, lol?
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