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    General lee tatoo?
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    Cars big or small,old and new.
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    Mekanic, self employ

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  1. Hy drive a 1986 Ranger XTS 2.9L 5 speeds,1985 1500 4x4 chevy truck for snow removal,and dam do we have lot of snow this year in Montréal.Hy am rebuilding a 1980 chevy truck 4x4 350 4 bolt main with 1998 camaro piston,and school bus cam,the truck is gear 4,11 ham gona get 5 g rom 0 to 50.hand for the famaly its a 1998 venture.For racing got a 1970 monte carlo. Annnnnd hy am still looking for a 1969 charger.
  2. Yes Brain Adam is from around,and no hy am not mutch of a hockey guy hy am more of a car guy,love to play baseball but dont like to watch it on tv same for hockey.Like to watch race s on tv.Hy watch the DUKES 2 3 times a week. Rest of the time hy am in the garage or with my famaly. -Thanks for the welcome. -Tack to yall soon bye now.
  3. Hy am from Montréal,their is not mutch Duke toys,poster and others stuff around so hy make my hone,even a tatoo of the General lee on my harm. Made for my dauther a pedal car like general lee,small bike for my boy,rc car,garbage can orange with 01 on it,even ad a birthday cake made like the general lee. -Hy am 36 so hy no the duke from the beginning. (sorry for the bad riding im french) See yall later.
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