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  1. I thought that was pretty funny I like watching it goes from nose up to straight out! YEEHAW!
  2. Hello My name is Garrett, I've been a member of this forum for 3 or 4 years now I think and I've enjoyed it here and on my own site which there's a link to it on my profile! YEEHAW!
  3. Yep and If ya get the Return to Hazzard in California DVD they'll show a whole boat load of Dukes places in California and what happened to some of the vehicles on The Dukes of Hazzard like Cooters tow truck and a few other vehicles! I just saw it with a friend and went on ebay and bought a copy of the DVD for 25 bucks and it is awesome I can't wait to get my copy! YEEHAW!
  4. Alls I know is That I like Dukes of Hazzard and I am going to Dukesfest! and I like all the Dukes vehicle but the General Lee's my favorite! YEEHAW!
  5. I liked the trailer a lot it was pretty good! That is for sure!
  6. Definitely The General Lee has to win no doubt! Cause the Trans 'Am only had a V6 engine in it!
  7. I only watch The Dukes of Hazzard the only one I really like anymore.
  8. I named my new pet beagle after flash! YEEHAW!
  9. I sure hope he feels better now and had a great Thanksgiving too! (hope I spelled Thanksgiving right)
  10. I read that too! Happy Birthday James! Hope it's a good one too.
  11. I'm definitely going next year, no doubt at all because my dads girlfriend wants to go to nashville and she watches the Dukes with me when we go riding and I have my portable DVD player with me, and it ia really fun too! YEEHAW!
  12. I still would like to meet the whole entire living cast of The Dukes! YEEHAW!
  13. I never knew they did a family fued that must of been awesome I wanna see it too! YEEHAW!
  14. oh yeah just remembered that I also would like to know how they did it too?
  15. That episode was Arrest Jessie Duke and they wer 20 minutes into the episode when they did it! YEEHAW!
  16. I know i wish they'd done that instead of what they have out it would of been way better! YEEHAW!
  17. I've got the 1:18th scale model and wanna get the 1:10th scale next YEEHAW!
  18. awesome I'm gonna see it YEEHAW! can't wait for it!
  19. those pics are awesome I can't get enough of them! YEEHAW!
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