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  1. I Liked them both greatly they were both awesome! YEEHAW!
  2. They should definitely bring the dukes cartoon series back on I would really, really like to see it it'd be really awesome to see that!
  3. she's now officially not a muppet anymore cause she's a hooker!
  4. I am now 19 and Turning 20 this year My Website is: http://www.thedukesofhazzardgjl.com a lot of people have joined since the last time I posted here! YEEHAW!
  5. I love my new Website and Hoping to get My Dukes Store running soon! YEEHAW!
  6. Pizza and Onions the only thing I dislike a lot! LOL I eat a lot and I mean a lot! YEEHAW!
  7. yeah it's a really good site, I love it it's the best old site I know of cause all the old sites don't work very well now.
  8. very bad idea that'd be horrible remake just as bad as Starsky and Hutch!
  9. I've seen clips of it and it was awesome! YEEHAW!
  10. I got my 2 young cousins and my aunts boyfriends kid into it! which is awesome! YEEHAW! Please visit my site it's better then the last one I made! YEEHAW!
  11. will they're be a second airing of it?
  12. there's another one where it's just Jessica and no Miss piggy too bad they turned miss piggy into a Hooker! I would've liked it better if she didn't act almost exactly the same as J.S.
  13. way to early to tell if there'll be one or not YEEHAW!
  14. thats awesome and neither did i miss a single episode when it came back on in the mid 90's or so.
  15. yeah they said so on tvshowsondvd.com and WB also announced it! YEEHAW!
  16. I hope they make official Dukes Cartoon series out on dvd soon that would be awesome! cause i want the real deal no them copied dvds they sell out there that were copied from tapes or whatever cause it would be official! YEEHAW!!
  17. thats an old article but really cool I've already seen it quite a few times but it's still good.
  18. My fav Bo seen was the first episode of season one One Armed Bandits when Bo jumps the General over roscoe for the actual first time! YEEHAW I love it! YEEHAW!
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