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I just got done watching "Carnival of Thrills" part 1. The episode began with the 4 Dukes going down the road on their way to the stunt show at the Cedar City Fairgrounds. Bo was driving the General Lee with Jesse beside him. Daisy and Luke were in the back seat.

Bo was driving in his usual crazy way when Daisy mentioned the show. "I just can't wait to get there. I just love these automobile thrill shows."

Bouncing around in the front seat, Jesse responded "I don't see why we're wasting our money to go over there when we got Bo here to put on a show of his own!"

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I haven't seen that ep in a long time, Roger, but I can hear Jesse saying it when I read it in your post. It was a great quote...very true. I do like Carnival Thrills...seen it enough times to know it by heart probably, but have a hard time watching it now. I really dislike seeing the boys fighting and being that mad at each other. Though it has an awesome ending to it. Quick question...how was Carl related to Diane? I've been thinking over that question for the past couple of weeks. (I know, any logical Duke fan would put it in and watch it to get the answer to it, but I haven't found the time. I need an extra hour in the day just to watch the Dukes!)

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I just watched part 2 of "Carnival of Thrills" today. I'm getting in the mood for Ray Kohn's 33 car jump in two days.

Jesse had a funny quote in part two also. This time, Luke was driving. After Luke jumped a blue car over a creek on the way to save Bo near the end, Jesse said "That's the closest I want to get to Heaven in the next 30 years!"

Wow Garrett, considering that you haven't seen that episode in a long time I'm surprised you remembered Carl's name. As you might recall Carl had a limp from wrecking while being a stunt man for the show. That's because Diane used her womanly ways to talk him into jumping cars too. So, the answer to your question is: X-boyfriend.

I know what you mean aboout not liking the fighting. That's why I'm not crazy about "Dr. Jekyl and Mr Duke". I hate seeing a Duke being mean to another Duke....even if it's not his fault.

Do you remember the scene in Carnival of Thrills were Jesse ordered Daisy to stop the jeep and Jesse put up his fists to fight Luke? I did like that scene though. It's one of my favorite scenes in all 7 years of filming.

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LOL Roger - I love that part. It always makes me laugh...even if the show has me torn by that part. I am surprised I can remember Carl's name as well. But I use to watch those two episodes a lot when I watched them almost every day, it was one of my favorites. As I said, I just hate seeing the boys fighting like that. But the end kinda makes it worth it. :) Same with "Good - Bye General Lee" and the ep you listed above. It just seems wrong to see them fighting and mad at each other like that. I like your quote...I remember Jesse saying that! :D

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