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This is one of the funniest scenes in the whole series. It's not really a quote but I'm putting it on this thread anyway.

I love the scene on part 2 of "Carnival of Thrills" where Jesse gets mad at Luke and has Daisy stop the Jeep. Jesse then orders Luke out of the Jeep and, after lecturing him, puts up his fists and challenges Luke to a fight.

What a hilarious scene!!! I love it!!

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LOL Roger! You have me laughing just thinking of the scene that you are talking about! What a great scene/tactic to break up the tension and anger that had grown between Luke and Bo at that time. It even had Luke laughing after awhile! :D You gotta love ol' Uncle Jesse - he always knew the right things to say and do when it is needed the most! Thank-you Roger for bringing that up, I needed the laugh today.

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For someone who has seen each episode several times, I feel pretty ignorant about this episode. But then again, it has been a very long time since I watched the Dukes regularly...Anyways, what season is that episode in? Is that the one where they got evacuated from the farm and had to go live else where? That is the only episode that comes to mind while thinking about all of this...but I can't remember where it was they moved to for that episode. As I said, I am feeling pretty ignorant here. LOL

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Season 5 - Farewell Hazzard - Second to last episode in the season. It is also the same epiosde in which we find out a little bit more about Bo and Luke's childhood. From Luke and Bo being on a softball team to Luke taking a swing at Bo's head with his bat. Very moving scene between the boys in the empty old farmhouse. :) Hope this helps.

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Another really tender quote from Jesse to the boys is in Undercover Dukes when Bo and Luke are leaving the farm. He hugs them both and says...

Jesse: *hugs* "Luke Boy...Be careful..."

Luke: "Yeah..." *pulls away*

Bo: *moves forward and hugs Jesse*

Jesse: "Bo Baby...you be good now..."

Bo: "Yes sir..."

Its quite quiet and there's music playing over it, but if you turn the subtitles on you can just about make it out :)

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