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Who's the "Balladeer" gonna be?

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That's a valid idea as well. But last I heard, John wasn't enthused about this movie.

I've heard both ways. He does plan to at least go and see the movie though, according to what he says on his site:

There’s the movie coming out this fall which should be interesting… (no comment) but I’m sure I’ll go and see it. - John Schneider
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John Schneider would be a really good idea, but I doubt that he would really want to be associated with what WB is doing.

Hank Williams Jr. could most definitely pull it off and Travis Tritt wouldn't be a bad choice either.

It MUST be someone who can represent the South and definitely someone from the Country Music community, since so many artists did guest spots on the show.

Randy Travis' deep baratone voice could definitely add to the movie.

Toby Keith is also a good thought and Trace Adkins wouldn't do a bad job either.

There are so many good options out there, but any bets as to how WB will screw this part up? Every other part of the movie is going California, so don't be surprised if David Hasselhoff is the one chosen.

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The equation is simple. Get as close to Waylon Jennings as possible.

My first choice would be Kris Kristofferson because not only is he one of the Highwaymen, he sounds a bit like Waylon.

All these deep baritone voices are perfect for lulling me to sleep. Even an interview with Toby Keith makes me feel bored, even when I find what he's saying interesting. Waylon had so much character in his voice that he could hold your attention all day, just telling stories. I suggest getting a sound-alike.

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