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Who's the "Balladeer" gonna be?

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I think the LAST of the roadmen should be the nariator. Chirs Christopherson. Would that not be just perfect.

There is Willie, there was Wallan, and there is Chris, and there was Johnny Cash. What a group.

Yeah - The Highwaymen were one of countrys first supergroups. It would be kind of fitting to have Kris Kristofferson be the balladeer. Since the others are/were involved in the Dukes somehow.

1. Willie Nelson - Uncle Jesse in the new movie

2. Waylon Jennings - The original balladeer for the series

3. Johnny Cash - A song on the DOH soundtrack/story CD - "General Lee"

4. Kris Krsitofferson - ??????????

I think Kris would make a good balladeer after all....

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I think it should be Josh Turner. It has been said he is the new Waylon Jennings/Johnny Cash.

WHO said Josh freakin Turner is the next Waylon or Johnny. That's a flat out insult. There will never be a "new" one of them. Legends are legends, and are beyond compare. . . . .

Josh Turner, in my opinion, isn't much. I doubt he'll amount to crap in the long run.

I say Toby Keith would make a good balladeer, based soley on his vocal quality. His new song, Honky Tonk U got me to thinking about how he'd sound doing the Dukes Theme. Might be pretty good. . . . .

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According to the IMDB , they show no one cast as the Balladeer. Maybe they will do that in Post Production. It won't take much to voice over the film. Maybe we will find out soon enough if there is going to be one or not in the film

You would think they would use a "Balladeer" as it was a huge part of the Dukes Of Hazzard .

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Last week when they had the marathon on CMT they had some entertainment show and they showed some clips of the actors etc. They said there was no balladeer at the moment. They hadnt found one yet. Im guessing that there will be one, but they havent figured out who..or arent telling. And I agree its too important to leave out.

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I think that John Schneider should be The Balladeer and sing the theme song. It would be a great way to tie at least one original cast member into the movie and Schneider would be more than up to the task. It isn't like the man can't sing. He had number one U.S. Country chart hits with:

"I've Been Around Enough To Know"

"Country Girls"

"What's A Memory Like You (Doing In A Love Like This)?"

"You're The Last Thing I Needed Tonight"

Along with several U.S. Country charts top 10 songs.

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