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  1. That song is on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Everytime I hear I drive crazy!
  2. The reason I think it'll never be forgotten is because of the Dukes were like family. It was as if Uncle Jesse was everyone's uncle. People identified with the Dukes. And let's not forget the General Lee. It was an icon. Everyone wanted a car like that. I can look in an Old Car Trader mag and see a General Lee for sale. Some exact and some not so exact.
  3. Yeah, that one was pretty funny! That's funny, I don't care who ya are.
  4. Well, the way this movie is already messed up, I wouldn't be a bit shocked if they did leave the balladeer out. I'd be mad but shocked? Nope!
  5. I say Crown Vics or Caprices. But then it wouldn't make much sense somehow. Don't ask me how, though.
  6. Josh Turner is the next Waylon? The way he looks, he's the next Billy Ray Cyrus.
  7. Dude! That would totally leave KITT in the dust. But think about the gas mileage.
  8. Well, that's your opinion but Paul Walker looks more the part for Bo than Sean William Scott.
  9. I thin Toby Keith would be a good choice since him and Willie are close. As far as I know anyway. lol
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