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NASCAR season 2005.....


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What the HELL is the "Keebler Elf" thinking? Must be all about the almighty dollar. I mean to go from a championship team to another that is not, but a very close one though....

I have never been a fan of Kurt Busch, but I really did not want to see him in the #2 Miller Lite car....


Posted on Tue, Aug. 09, 2005

Kurt Busch to take over No. 2 car

Defending Nextel Cup champion will leave Roush Racing, perhaps as early as 2006


The Charlotte Observer and ThatsRacin.com

After a bolt from the stock-car blue Tuesday - news that reigning Nextel Cup champion Kurt Busch will leave Roush Racing after signing with Penske South - NASCAR fans now know which drivers will replace Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin.

They do not yet know when, however, Busch and Jamie McMurray will actually make the moves into two of the sport's top-tier rides.

Roush Racing sent out a one-paragraph statement just before noon (ET) Tuesday saying that Busch, who gave the team its second consecutive title in 2004 in the No. 97 Fords, had advised Roush that he's signed with another team for 2007.

"Kurt also requested a release from his contract for 2006," the statement said. "Due to sponsor and team considerations no decision on that request will be made for an indefinite period. Roush Racing will have no further comment at this time."

Two hours later, Penske South confirmed a multiyear deal with Busch, who will eventually go into the No. 2 Dodges that Wallace will vacate at the end of this season.

Mark Martin also had planned to retire from Nextel Cup after this year, and Roush has signed McMurray to replace him. But McMurray also has a year left on his contract with Chip Ganassi Racing, where he drives the No. 42 Dodges.

Ganassi officials have said they will hold McMurray to that contract. Martin said he will drive the No. 6 Fords for Roush until McMurray comes over, even if that means another full season in 2006.

So Roush Racing is now hoping Ganassi will release McMurray to come to Roush next year even as it must decide whether to release Busch to Penske, where Busch would become Ryan Newman's teammate.

"It is our hope that Kurt can be driving the No. 2 car next year," said Walter Czarnecki, president of Penske Racing. "But we understand and respect the fact that he has a contract for next year."

Czarnecki wouldn't discuss financial terms of Busch's contract, but sources told ThatsRacin.com the deal would make Busch one of the highest-paid drivers in NASCAR.

"Kurt is the sport's current champion and he has clearly matured as a person and as a driver," Czarnecki said. "Any time you have the opportunity to associate yourself with a person of his caliber you want to do that. He's at the top of his game."

Busch, who turned 27 last week, has won races at Phoenix and Pocono this season to give him 13 career victories in the Cup series, all with Roush Racing.

Whereas Martin has agreed to stay on at Roush if McMurray isn't released to replace him next year, no such plans for Wallace appear to be in the works.

Czarnecki said plans are for Miller Beer, the longtime sponsor of the No. 2 car, to be back on it next year. Sources, in fact, say that Miller and Penske are close to announcing a long-term deal. If Penske puts another driver in the car for 2006, the sponsor's payment would be tied to the team's performance for that season only.

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Tony "Smokes" em' again at the Glen.

He was the CLASS of the field and GORDON was 2nd(Robby Gordon that is) ..2 of my favorite drivers finishing first and second. Robby did a helluva job from starting 37th to make his way throught the field. One of best road races I have ever watched and I am not much of a fan of the road courses at all.

Tony is on one the BEST streaks ever in NASCAR . Winning 5 out the last 7 with leading the most laps in 6 of those races. I just hope he can keep it up to win his second Cup championship.

I'm gone


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Another top 5 for "Smoke" ....

36th to 5th ain't so bad... 5 wins in the last 7 races with 8 top 5's in the last 9 - 1st in the points ( although it doesn't mean a thing in a few weeks) ...

I have always liked the Michigan races , but I don't like the fuel mileage races at all. I like it to be stettled on the track and quick pitstops, not gamble on fuel. Some may like that , some may not. I know it's a part of racin' and will always be...

Mayfield gambled and won, great call by Slugger Labbe on doing that . Rouch Racing has great finishes today with all his teams. Ol' Gordo was 15th, moved him up to 12th in the points. Let's hope he a bad race or two in the next few....

I'm gone


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Tomorrow was the traditional running of the Labor Day weekend classic - The Southern 500 from Darlington, SC...

That was taken away from all racin' fans last year and now they race in California on Labor Day weekend. I am and will never be happy about that change. When it comes to racin' , I am old school NASCAR and don't really like none of the new changes(Chase for the Cup, Nextel as the name, dropping tracks like Darlington and Rockingham)..

The Southern 500 was NASCAR's oldest super speedway stock car race and that meant it was TRADITION for over 50 years. Brian France took that away to squeeze more corporate money for ISC and NASCAR. I am sure there are fans that don't mind it. BUT this one liked that NASCAR was more of a regional/southern sport. This was the one race that was sacred to lot a of teams and drivers. It was also ther race that had the biggest party and showed racin's Southern Pride.

This weekend's race is the one race I will not watch simply because it is not Darlington. It might be a great race tomorrow, but it doesn't matter to me. I have attended a few Southern 500's in my life and the atmosphere at the track was nothing but Pride . The town used to have a parade and a festival in honor of the race. Now I am not sure what goes on. NASCAR has ripped this tradition away from DArlington in favor of what, a few thousand extra seats in California and because it is near L.A. a so-called better market....

I am a huge NASCAR fan and this still burns inside of me. It always will , especially on future Labor Day weekends...

I'm gone


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Looks like the chase for the final spots in the Chase will come down to the wire in Richmond. TNT must be salivating over the likely high ratings.

NASCAR's nightmare is now half-complete; Jr. is out of the running. I can only imagine the fun the marketing execs are going to have when Gordon is eliminated. It'll be interesting seeing the ratings for Loudon.

If things hold up, the Chase'll be called this: Roush versus Stewart, Johnson, Rusty, McMurray and Mayfield. I'm not exactly Stewart or Rusty's biggest fan, but I'll gladly root for them over Roush.

And don't get me started on the "Race for 11th" hooey. My uncle (a big Rusty fan) calls that thing a crock, citing the fact that one of the Chasers could crap out while a Sadler, Gordon, Harvick, etc. could go on a tear.


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any one seen this racing at Richmond? Kurt Busch won! #97. but Tony still Champisonship few weeks away.. so list left to go

sept 18 Sylvania 500

Sept 25 MBNA 400

Oct 2 Talladega 500

Oct 9 one going to my home town Kansas City Kansas speedway

Oct 23 Subway 500 Martinsville

Oct 30 Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 Atlanta? not sure because fix from tornado hit?

Nov 6 Texas Motor Speedway

Nov 13 Checker Auto Parts 500 Phoenix

Nov 20 Ford 400 homestead miami speedway at last racing...

thanks just inform you guys left racing are.. does you think they can go ahead racing at ATLANTA? I not sure known. :-? thanks. :)

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Yep, they'll be racing at Atlanta. It was mentioned after the twister hit that the track would be ready.

I'll go out on a limb and make some predictions for the Chase races:

Loudon: Stewart did win here in July...I'll give him the broom.

Dover: Hmm....yeah, Biffle did win here but Newman's done well here in the past. Newman repeats as the fall winner.

Talladega: Upset Special...Juuuuuunnnnnior! (I hated that stupid mobile ad)

Kansas: Well, it probably won't be Nemechek. Out of the Chasers, only Newman's won here. It won't be Newman either; I'll score this win for Greg Biffle (based on his 1.5 mile record)

Charlotte: Jimmie Johnson's personal playground. Four in a row for the Lowe's man (and I see him getting help from Vickers or Lil' Busch)

Martinsville: Rusty wins his final short track race.

Atlanta: Mark Martin was so close last year, so my bet is he'll hold off Carl Edwards for the win.

Texas: Take your pick from the Roush stable.

Phoenix: Kurt Busch may very well sweep here.

Homestead: Tony Stewart takes the checkers.

2005 Nextel Cup Champ: Tony Stewart

Mr. Congeniality (11th place): Dale Earnhardt Jr. by virtue of winning Talladega

Should've Raced the Truck: Dale Jarrett

The Next Shane Hmiel: Jeff Gordon

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I still HATE this so-called chase for the CUP( I still can't call it NE---- as it will always be Winston to me and next year it will be Sprint anyway)...

This chase was put together to bring attention to racing during the football season. Most people who are not die-hard race fans would turn off racing in Oct and Nov and watch football . But now with the "playoff" it brings more "excitement" and better ratings ratings....I HATE it with a passion. Teams built up their leads and earned the Cup. I might not have liked the way Matt Kenseth won the title in 03 with 1 win adn just protecting his lead the reast of the year , but he EARNED it. He forced teams to go out and try and win and catch him..

I also don't like the fact that someone who squeeks in at 10th place over 500 points out can actually win the Cup....

NASCRAP has screwed us longtime fans royally...

1. Southern 500 - need I say more..

2. Taking the racin' out of the Carolina's - Cup -Rockingham, North Wilkesboro and 1 race from Darlington(possibly both in a few years)

Grand National - Hickory, Myrtle Beach

3. Allowing the mega car teams

4. Allowing cars to NOT look like the ones you see on the road. Also allowing thinner sheetmetal so they get banged up easier

5. Making Aerodynamics the main purpose for a ton of races..Let the drivers DRIVE the cars, make horsepower and gears and tire combos the priority again.

6. Possibly taking the Winston or All-Star race from Charlotte...

7. Where is the history and legends? Bobby Allsion, Cale Yarborough, Buddy Baker, Harry Gant, Junior Johnson, Ned Jarrett...

It would be a sad day if NASCAR didn't put their Hall Of Fame in Charlotte since that is where the very first NASCAR race was held and most of the race teams are based out of . NASCAR has ripped the heart out of the Carolinas with all the races that were held there and are now gone because NASCRAP wanted to get away from the Southern/Redneck image.......They better do the right thing and put their HOF in Charlotte..


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yeah, we going watch Talladega this weekend too.. on tv on NBC and so next Oct 9th will going to KC Kansas on NBC, so we maybe plan visit practice track this next friday and I maybe meeting the drivers.. I never meet them before like Tony Stewart or Jimmie Johnson or Dale Earnhart Jr. my dad will take me there in speedway picture if we have time.. I have Nascar 2005 preview guide book maybe will ask for signature.. if they have time. maybe love to see them in real life.. I hope so when I will in KC speedway and hope I can feeling loud car drive... thanks. :wink::)

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