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Congratulations Val Strate!

Brian Coltrane

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Val is our April 2012 Fan of the Month! Val's recognition is long overdue, as she joined us way back in 2004. Val is a longtime fan of Enos - hence her handle - and she was a fanfic writer and all-around goofball here on HazzardNet for many years.

Now, I know Val personally so I'll explain why I put some of this in the past tense. Val grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard on TNN and then CMT, and then grew up the rest of the way while hanging around the usual rowdies on HazzardNet. Somewhere in the process, she went to college and held down two jobs to pay for it.

Since graduating college, Val's been working hard, and now has a solid career going. She also got married. With all the responsibilities she has going, she's not on HazzardNet as much anymore, but I know she still loves the Dukes, and she's here when she can be.

Val is one of those people who will always be a Duke fan, no matter how much she "grows up." That's worth recognizing, and we hope you'll join us in congratulating Val on her much-overdue Fan of the Month award!

Congrats, Val!


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Oh wow! Thank you so much guys! I guess I definately need to pop in here more. I do love the dukes still and have the full box set at home. My husband and I love watching the DVDs on the few nights that we do have time together. I tell you, bliss for a Duke fan is marrying a Duke fan.

Thank you so much for this honnor. I have wrote duke fan fiction, specializing in Enos fiction. I find writing calming and exciting. Thank you so much for the congrads everyone.

I'm sorry I haven't been around as much but I hope to return and continue my writing.

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