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Daisy's Road Runner


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Just finished my version of Daisy's 1971 Road Runner. Technically her car was originally a 1974 Road Runner, and the later car (as depicted here) was actually a Satellite painted with the '74's Road Runner stripes.

Like with the General Lee artwork, I've taken a bit of artistic license here. I've added Road Runner decals to the grille, trunk and stripes, and since I haven't found a clear screen grab of the actual wheels, I've fitted it with period Mopar wheels that it could have left the factory with. The white letter Goodyear Polyglas GT tires are also my addition.



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OK, I know I'm late to this thread, but I had to mention that the idea of an '02' dukes car is brilliant!  Of course for clarity's sake on a tv show it probably makes more sense to have distinct painjobs for different characters, but its still a fun idea.  If there was ever an updated series with another generation of Dukes, I could see a late model muscle car with an 02 scheme making sense.



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Seeing as this thread has been revived, I thought I'd refresh my original artwork. I was never happy with the shade of yellow I ended up with, and the wheels are wrong. This is only a light makeover - I've removed the black outlines, removed the chrome from the wheel arches, and added the chrome panel under the door. The bumpers and side markers have been completely re-done and I'm now happier with the wheels and body color. I might refresh the front and back views in the future.


There are a few General Grant pictures online, with various numbers on their doors. I've stuck with "76" like the car in the video posted by Roth.


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