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dukes back on tv


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This is going to be fun. It looks like we'll have a lot more folks joining HazzardNet too. Let's tidy the place up a little bit and make it more presentable.

( I guess I'd better watch myself, these folks here might kick me out to improve this place)

Yeah, Roger, you're pretty brave being the one to suggest that they better tidy up the place. I mean, afterall, if they did tidy up as you put it, you may be the first to go in order to tidy it up. We all know how much you dirty up this nice forums and all. ;) HA HA. I really hope you know I'm only joking...I couldn't resist after reading what you said. I'll repeat what Chris Myers (From FOX Sports NASCAR) announcer would say: "I kid because I care." LOL :)

Am very excited to hear about the Dukes coming back on TV. Don't know how much it'll effect me since I don't have cable, but it is exciting all the same.

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Well CMT has done it again this weekend starting at 7 pm EST Friday, 4 pm EST Saturday, and 2 pm EST Sunday it's another Dukes of Hazzard marathon.

Also they're showing both reunion movies during the marathons.

Dukes Reunion is on at 8 pm eastern Saturday

And Hazzard in Hollywood 2 pm eastern Sunday

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I have all 7 seasons on DVD but I can't live without Dukes on TV.

Just adding this for anyone who's reading this and isn't aware: CMT is airing The Dukes of Hazzard, at 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. Eastern. Check yer local cable listings. We also post about it on our home page once in awhile.

I know what ya mean, Sissy Duke. As long as the Dukes are on the air someplace, things are okay.

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