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Signs of Hazzard


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I've recreated a couple of signs from around Hazzard, and will post them as they get finished. Most of the signs on the show were hand-painted, so I'm just getting as close as I can with existing fonts.

I've posted the Boars Nest sign in another thread, but I've now added the signs from the walls as well.


For those of you wondering about the 'GOOD EATS' sign, it was only on the original Georgia Boars Nest, and did not make the move to California. Below are pictures of both to confirm this.



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How big are these signs?

I just have them on my computer at the moment, but the way they are done I can scale them to billboard size without any blockiness.

I did the Boars Nest sign because I thought it would make a cool T-shirt. The ones I found online didn't look anything like the real sign. Now the artwork's done I need to get it printed. The Ace's sign was just a bit of fun - I may print it up to accompany my 1:18 car collection.

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There seem to be 3 different logos used for DoH. The one I posted a while back is the one that appears on the DVDs. Then there's the one used in the opening credits of the show itself (I can do that one if anyone wants it). Finally there's a shaded one that appears on some merchandise, and at the beginning of the 20th Anniversary Barbecue. It's this last one that I've had a go at this time:


Again, being a cheapskate, the largest I can upload is 1024 x 768 - I'm quite happy to provide larger artwork via email.

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I've been neglecting this thread for a bit while I've been working on the vehicle artwork, so here's the latest addition. It's two of the billboards featuring Boss Hogg. The first is from 'Sadie Hogg Day', I forget which episode the second appeared in - maybe someone can remind me.


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I can't remember a national safety week.

Hopefully somebody will because now I'm curious.

I think the 'National Saftey Week' banner was just added for comic irony as Rosco demolished the sign.

Did you recreate the Boss image or is that a copy/paste? Looks great.

I straightened and merged a couple of screengrabs (all the billboards seem to use the same image), tidied them up and masked out the background. I then let my vector program do an outline trace of the image and added a bit to the color saturation. That produced the image below which (in vector form) contains nearly 400 separate objects:


Originally I only intended to use it for the sign on the back of Miz Tisdale's cab, but then I thought of these billboards. As you can see, vector art isn't great at photo-realism and gives a 'solarized' effect when blown up, but it won't go blocky. A couple of hours' work with fountain fills and blends could make it more convincing, but not much fun for me :). The advantage of having the image in vector format is that it can be scaled and dropped onto any background.

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Here's an unfinished variation of the 'Drive Carefully' billboard from 'Goodbye General Lee'. This one doesn't get destroyed, although the painter ends up on the hood of Cooter's tow truck. The exclamation mark is different in this one and there's also an extra star either side of the 'National Safety Week' text at the top.


Lulu (appropriately) gets her own billboard in 'Share and Share Alike':


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