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  1. just delete it, dont post it again plz
  2. ok im sry alright, ima ******* sometimes, he just pissed me off saying i ant a fan, how would he know anyways? im just saying he has no right saying somthing like that without knowing for sure, and as i said, it was just my opinion, what i like, his work isnt crappy i just dont like the versions he made, 01 and colors is all, so im sry for being a dick about it, anyways ill bbl im still pissed off, and plz dont go posting my previous stuff, no need in making more troubles, also plz remove the post you quoted if ya dont mind and lets drop it here and now, anyways peace Edit: I'm only reposting these original posts because knightprowl is cursing and being a jackass to us and then trying to cover it up again. Let these stand as evidence as to why we just banned him. Should have listened to my warning about counting to ten before posting... Original post:
  3. hows my stuff goin hoss, just wanted to check, hope some stuff is done, also how much is left? not rushing just wondering is all, anyways let me know and keep me posted, ttyl thanks and peace

  4. i am a fan of dukes, i was just saying my opinion rly, so you dont have the right to say im not a fan because i like something diffrent then you do, anyways w/e man, idc what you say anyways, or anyone else for that fact, there good designs just not the ones i like, anyways peace
  5. gahh i hate those numbers, well the 0, wrong shape and it isnt square in the middel its smaller version of outside, and the 1 has smaller top then yours but not much, and farther apart, i know i know it dont matter to ya but its still wrong, and the colors are wrong, should be bright red orange like hemi or corvette or the word dukes ya made, not light orange and crappy looking red, eather way good job just ima accuracy freak, lol, anyways ttyl peace
  6. thanks hoss, good job man, so whats next? still doin those from the pics i gave ya? id hope so, if so whats done so far? anyways let me know man, ttyl peace
  7. thanks hoss, cant wait for more man, btw dont forget i told ya i need the re elect boss hogg poster from peoples choice, anyways ttyl peace
  8. oh and make the re elect boss hogg sign from i think peoples choice
  9. make the one with the cant man, would be nice to have it as well
  10. hoss, mind sending me the hoggco logo? i need it man, ttyl peace
  11. nice, thanks for that one hoss, anyways ttyl peace
  12. sry everyone, it wont happen again, i tend to go overboard to much when i start ranting lol, anyways ttyl peace
  13. i hear that man, this damn county has gone to ****, and whats the cause? these politicans and the government, they only care about whos getting elected and how to start the next war, and not the real problems like starvation, fixing prices for food, gas and ect, its bull**** i tell ya, we have to pay so much for **** that shouldnt even be half the prices it is now....(edited by MaryAnne)
  14. hey man thanks for those, but what about the other billboards shown in the show? there are more then this i think, tho idk for sure, eather way good job so far, keep us posted and me too, anyways ttyl peace
  15. thanks hoss this will do for now, tho id still like to have the other one too, anyways just keep me posted and post everything ya do here or pm me, eather way is fine, anyways try doin those billboards i metioned, lulu hogg hers president and the other boss hogg ones too, and rly any billboards ya can find from the episodes will be great, anyways ttyl thanks and peace
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