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Another song from a commercial. This beautiful song is currently being used to advertise DKNY 'Be Delicious' Eau de Toilette. The video of atmospheric shots from NYC during a sudden downpour fits the song perfectly.

Before anyone asks, I live in Ireland, so it does rain where I am :).

Yay! - post #2012 on the first day of 2012 - how's that for timing?.

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Thanks Hoss for bringing it back to rain songs...never knew there were so many songs about rain. HA HA. Though do appreciate it since I do love Tim McGraw's music and it allows me to use one of his songs. Love McGraw's music and have most if not all of his CDs. One thing I feel that is unique about McGraw is that he seems to change styles of music as he goes along. From on album to the next. And they are all awesome. Of course that all is of MY opinion and we all know how much that is worth - NOTHING! :D

Congrats Hoss at making it 2012 posts on the first day of 2012...how you manage to do that? Had to have been planned...:escape:

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I've mentioned this song in the What songs remind you of Hazzard? thread, but couldn't find a video of my favorite version before.

The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore - Michelle Shocked

How could I resist a song with the line "I was born and raised at the mouth of the Hazard Holler"?. The song was written by Jean Richie about the coalmines and railroad around Hazard in Kentucky, but whoever made the video spelt it as "Hazzard" in the lyrics. The song has been covered many times over the years, including

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I don't know why the studio version of this is so well hidden on YouTube (I found it three pages down on a Google search!).

A couple of years back this song was used in

- I've just watched it again, and it still doesn't make sense (but it does make me smile :)).
Don't Leave Me This Way - Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Although a huge hit for Thelma Houston in 1977, this is the original version done by the Blue Notes in 1973. Lead singer is Teddy Pendergrass.

The first version I knew was the 1986 hit for

(although I have the other two you mention).
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