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Dwight looks really young in this video...love his music and really miss hearing him on the radio. Would love to see him in concert. I was going to put down his "Guitars Cadillack" song when it was on the guitar thread until I saw that line had ended and thought of this song with Hoss' song. Hope your video works better than mine...the image kept freezing up, but he kept singing...

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Sticking with the manly songs it looks like. Ever since this kinda thread started, this song came to mind. Just haven't had the chance to use it. Sorry that it isn't a video...just the lyrics. Couldn't find the official video and I could find a video that wouldn't skip and all that annoying stuff...great song with a lot of truth behind it.

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For some reason the video claims to be twice as long as the song actually is, hence the music finishes at around 2:40 (this was the best audio I could find). The song was released in 2005, but sounds much older - probably the use of a sitar with backing female harmonies. One of the commenters said it reminded them of the Sesame Street pinball machine song, so I thought I'd include a link to that as well for all the people older enough to remember it :): Pinball Number Count - Pointer Sisters

Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

This version is slightly edited for a word. LOL

Glad to see you guys in the US have heard of Mumford and Sons. I was going to post this myself until I remembered it had that word in it. "It was not your fault but mine". ;)

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