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Okay this is a game I got from The Oak Ridge Boys message board thingy mcbobber....

Okay what you do...put a song title, and then the next person can take any word from that title and then post another song with that word in it. Try to pick a song that has at least three or four words in it...so we have something to chose from...and we'll try to avoid the same ones...for a while....lol...

1.) If Heavan Ain't A lot Like Dixie- Hank Williams Jr.

2.) You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie- The Bellamy Brothers

3.) Can't You Hear Me Callin'- Dwight Yoakam

etc...etc....etc.... Y'all get the point...

The first song title is:

Just the Good Ol' Boys- Waylon Jennings :D

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