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I can't believe I didn't think of this song before now. I love this song...and this video!!! "Kiss this" Aaron Tippon

A 1981 hit for the Scottish one-hit-wonder aka. Mary Sandeman. The video is from the UK music show Top of the Pops, and features their in-house dancers Legs & Co.

We did 'manly' songs a couple of months back - does anyone fancy carrying on the 'boyish' theme?.

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Well Capt., would you call these three legends?.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Andrews Sisters

It was only when I was listening to this earlier that I realised it was source for the sample used in

- we live and learn.

Yes The Andrew Sisters are legends. They earned their place in history especially during the WWII era.

Now here is one from a real cool Cat that brings back the swing/big band sound.

The Dirty Boogie - The Brian Setzer Orchestra

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Seeing as the 'Boyish' theme didn't work out, I'll continue with another legend :).

This song may be familiar from its appearance in The Blues Brothers, I think in the scene when they're heading to Bob's Country Bunker (where they have both kinds of music!). Sadly, this song and John Lee Hooker's other track from the movie ('Boom, Boom') failed to make it on to the soundtrack CD. Luckily I have them on other albums.

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Or is there another way?. I thought of several more songs with 'Way' in the title - anyone fancy more on this theme?.

Doh! I missed the whole "boogie" theme. I woulda posted Elton's Boogie Pilgrim and KC & the Sunshine Band's

I had a couple of 'Boogie' songs left - maybe we'll get back to them.

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Songs with 'Another' in their title must've been popular in the late '70s - here another one :):

This is the video from the movie with "Happiest Days Of Our Lives" segueing into the song. That is way most radio stations play the song.

I still remember the video that contained the Gerald Scarfe cartoons (marching hammers etc.) - that's the version that was shown on TV when it topped the UK charts in 1979:

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