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Some of My Hobbies....


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I have a few hobbies...

1. Watching DOH of course!

2. NOT going to school! (My mum home-educates me! How cool is that?)

3. RC Vehicles

4. PS2 Games: My fave has to be Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2! :D

5. Admiring my 1/18 scale General Lee

6. BeyBlades!

7. Unusual toys, like Terrain Twister and XFO

8. My General Lee remote-controlled plane!

9. Drawing

10. Walking my dog

11. Hood sliding on my dad's Merc!

12. Saving up for THIS!

13. Also saving up for a '69 Charger body for it

14. Saving for Orange model paint

15. Finally, saving up for all decals needed from BuildAGeneralLee.com! :lol:

Long list... :oops:

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well my hobbies is ummm..

my hobbies is:

collection die cast and stuffs from Nextel Nascar cars of my favorite drivers like tony stewart, Dale Earnhart, Dale Earnhart JR, Jimmy Johnson..

collection Transformers and Dukes hazzard items stuff

work on computer talk on forum as here Hazzardnet and TheTransfomers.Net forum as well they my favorite fans forum.. there are coolest forum even been.. :wink:

watch tv like doh to transfomers etc

think more stuff later.. thanks. :wink::)

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I just collect teddy bears. My husband collects electrical kits and chemistry sets, that's about it here, unless you count DVDs and CDs. :)

I am also a hobby teddy bear maker. How could I go and forget to mention that? Especially since I've made well over 100 different teddy bears. I even sent one to one of my favorite writers and he told me the teddy bear sits on his desk when he writes. It made me very proud!

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I not sure she collection any kind of teddy bears like bear sit down with reading book, etc and like statue little one figures.. not sure exactly I need ask my mom does and also collection dolls from dad give her for anniversary, etc and her room shelve almost full.. and also not forget my cousin Sarah or Stephaine not sure which I remember who love collection bears too as well..

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