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  1. Yeah, eBay's great! I got both of the Monster Truck Madness games off there for about 5 quid! Intresting theory about ASDA though, maybe I'll check it out. And about your Charger body, you can find lots of RC cars on http://www.hpiracing.co.uk or good 'ol eBay!
  2. Exactly right. NOTHING can be better than HazzardNet!
  3. This page features ALL of the characters in Hazzard. Later down, when you get the the General's profile, there's a good pic of it! 8) http://www.madpalace.nl/dukes.html
  4. I made my own! As well as a Rosco car! Pics coming soon...
  5. Yeah, that's great! It was posted up somewhere else on the forum, but thanks anyway!
  6. Heh heh! I saw that a while ago, before I came on here! It always makes my mates crack up in hysterics! Here's a Llama, there's a Llama...
  7. EJD


    Welcome to HazzardNet, gamedog! We all hope you like it here. Remember, if you have any questions, just post up and one of us will help! Again, welcome!
  8. I don't think it's ever going to be here. I see a few on eBay UK but they're like 39 pounds! It sounds really cool though. Anyone have a spare one?
  9. I have a Scalextric... I bet he jumps really well!
  10. Found this while browsing the net with my mate! http://hotrod.com/tv/113_hd05_00/
  11. Welcome Luke 2! Maybe when you finally meet Tom you can recommend this board to him! It'd be cool if he'd join...
  12. What do y'all think of my cover? I got the PlayStation font off the internet and everything else as well...
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