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Hey All

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Welcome Back, Shannon!

I'm glad that you decided to re-join us! This really is a great group of people! It is always so nice to see another Dukes fan, esspecially a returning fan!!

Hope you enjoy your stay!

General Grant

looks like i'm tresspassing in someone's private conversation but what the heck do you expect from rosco lol i'm new around here

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Sir, you can post anywhere you darn well please. I've heard through the grapevine that the administrators of this website happen to be Rosco fans. That outta buy you some leeway. ;)


Rosco fans? On THIS site? Nah.... That's crazy talk! :rofl:

(Btw, it's called HazzardNet.com because RoscoNet.com was taken. LOL!)

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I believe i use to post on here before my old computer crash and i just run across this site and i could not remember my username and since i had a new email addy i had to rejoin. my real name is Shannon and i been a Dukes Fan since 1980's. Hope to meet alot of Dukes Fan on here :innocent:

I am more or less a newbie as well although I joined in 2005, but was abscent for long periods of time, but now I am back, and I welcome you back shannon,and my name is Euclide.

Heck, I don't recall if I ever told anyone my real name before today, if I didn't, all I can say is ...ooooppppps...lol

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