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Poll: Favorite episodes


Favorite episodes?  

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  1. 1. Favorite episodes?

    • One Armed Bandits
    • High Octane
    • The Ghost of the General Lee
    • Days of Shine and Roses
    • My Son Bo Hogg
    • Carnival of Thrills
    • Goodbye General Lee
    • Shine on Hazzard Moon
    • Cool Hands Luke and Bo
    • I like all of these

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Of those listed, my favorite is 'Ghost of the General Lee'. I thought the overall emotion in the episode was quite good and the way they managed to make the General look driverless was pretty brilliant.

Of course, my all time favorite episode is not listed, but is 'Enos and Daisy's Wedding'. I think that any episode that focuses on Enos will end up at the top of my list. :) I also like the episode where Daisy becomes Deputy. She's brilliant in that. How can someone run down a hill in high heels deserves great credit. Catherine Bach was just great in that episode.

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My favorite episodes are the original Georgia shows...also, any episode that focuses on Enos or Uncle Jesse. I also really loved Happy Birthday General Lee, Find Loretta Lynn, Baa Baa White Sheep, Welcome Waylon Jennings, Go West Young Dukes, but welcome Back Bo 'n' Luke is probably my all time favorite though because I sure missed those good 'ole boys. I'm gone.

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I liked Goodbye General Lee from season 4. Just to see the conflict between Bo and Luke for awhile, but it gets resolved so all can breath easier. I also liked The Ghost of General Lee. Mrs. Daisy Hogg. Welcome Back Bo and Luke. One Armed Bandits. Along came a Duke. By Line Daisy Duke and so many others it's hard to choose:confused:

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