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  1. I don't know but I've seen a clip where they are in a parade it looks like they are wearing the same clothes in the picture as they are in the parade, so that picture might have been taken there. I'm not sure though.
  2. I don't have a bigger version unfortunatly, I've been looking for one if I do find one I'll be sure to post it on here for you!
  3. daisyn'enos


    this is an awesome photo! I lvoe it!
  4. here's some more pics that I have, they wouldn't let me post more then 4
  5. I thought we could have a thread where we share our John pictures, I havne't seen one around and thought I could start one. I've got a bunch of pictures of John's family (okay about 8 or 9) but that's pretty much it.
  6. WOW it's been a long time sicne I added on, I better keep adding chapters! sorry it took me so long, I've had finals and such to keep me busy. However, I just had my last final earlier today so I can add on as much as I want. Here's the next chapter: Chapter 14: “Mommy, why aren’t you going to go to Hazzard with me?†Jenna asked for what seemed like the millionth time. “Because I’ve got to finish up packing our things here.†Daisy explained again. “Why can’t take me to Hazzard tonight and drive back here tomorrow?†Jenna asked. “Because it would take too much time.†Daisy sa
  7. Jenna sat in the back of the police car and tried not to cry, the man who kept telling her he was her daddy was gone, but she was scared. The man had also said that Mommy didn’t love her anymore. Jenna was trying hard not to believe him, but why would he say something if it wasn’t true? Just then they pulled up into the driveway and Jenna saw Mommy come out of the house. She slowly got out but stayed close to the car as Daisy came toward her. “Jenna.†Daisy cried. She made a move to pick Jenna up but Jenna backed away from Daisy and looked at her. “Jenna what’s wrong?†Daisy asked.
  8. I never noticed that! good eye! I think I like Si ROse, it seems he/she is also a Daisy/Enos fan.
  9. Enos Strate usually woke up early, 5:00 but today, he was woken up even earlier. Not by his alarm clock, but by the phone. It rang at the heathen hour of 3:00 am. Enos picked the phone up and groggily said “Hello?†“Enos!†Daisy’s voice was shrill over the phone “Jenna isn’t with you is she?†She asked desperately. “No Daisy, she isn’t†Enos said, he was a light sleeper and he was sure he would have heard if anyone had come in while he was asleep but he still got up and walked around his small apartment just to make sure. It yielded no positive results. “I’m sorry, b
  10. The next day, Daisy forced a smile on her face as she pulled up to their house in Atlantic City. "We're home!" she called cheerfully." "No we're not, Hazzard’s home." Jenna mumbled. "I know you don't want to come home, but I want you to finish Kindergarten here.†She explained. “I could finish it just as well in Hazzard.†Jenna said. Daisy could tell the girl was going to be a lawyer someday. “You’re finishing it here.†Daisy said in a firm voice. “I know.†Jenna said, she unbuckled herself and got out of the jeep. “But if you’re waiting for me to be happy about it that’s n
  11. Daisy slowly woke as she heard Jenna laughing, “Uncle Bo! Put me down!†Daisy smiled as she thought of how much Bo and Luke loved Jenna. Both of them spoiled her, they bought her candy, and brought her flowers from the shop in town. They would always stop what they were doing to play with her if that’s what she wanted. “No! Not until you say the magic words!†Bo teased, from the sounds of it; Bo was holding her up off the ground and tickling her. Daisy got up out of bed put a bathrobe on and padded out to the living room to see what was going on. “Please!†Jenna cried. “Nope, gues
  12. Daisy’s eyes widened as she heard Enos speak. “Enos?†she whispered, as if not sure whether he had really spoken or not. “I love you too Daisy.†Enos repeated. “Oh Enos, I’m so glad you’re all right.†Daisy said as she gave him a hug. “You don’t know how glad I am to hear you say that you love me.†Enos said, smiling at her. He looked like he’d just won a million dollars. “I’ve always loved you.†“I know Enos,†Daisy said “and I’ve always loved you too. I just never realized it.†It wasn’t until then that Enos took in his surroundings “What happened?†He
  13. “Enos!†Daisy cried she climbed though the bars to get to where Enos lay. “Are you okay?†she asked. However, Enos didn’t move. Jenna started shaking Enos “Wake up Mr. Enos.†She said, he stirred but didn’t wake. “Jenna†Daisy ordered. “Go run to the general store and get Mrs. McGreevy to call for an ambulance, okay? Tell her Enos State is hurt.†“Okay Mommy.†Jenna said, she got up and ran as fast as she could. She ran down the street in record time, and into the general store. “Help!†she said. “Enos Strate it hurt, we need an ambulance!†A woman behind the counte
  14. Hope ya'll like this chapter, please send any and all reviews to my PM box! Chapter 7: Jenna smiled as she ate breakfast, it had been nearly 2 weeks since she and Mommy had come to Hazzard, and for the past couple of day’s Mommy hadn’t even mentioned going back home. Of course, Mr. Enos had helped with that; he was over so much Mommy didn’t have time to talk about leaving. Jenna had spent a lot of time with Uncle Jesse; it seemed that every time Mr. Enos came over either Uncle Bo or Uncle Luke shooed her out of the room so “Mommy and Enos can talk.†Yesterday though, Enos had invite
  15. Here's Chatper 6! After dinner, Jenna went to lie down again and was soon asleep, Bo and Luke shooed Daisy and Enos out of the house "Go catch up." Bo said. He took the plates and went to the sink to wash them off. Daisy could see that they weren't going to let her help them, she went out onto the porch with Enos and sat down on the swing. They talked about the town and how it had changed since Daisy left, finally though, they lapsed into an uncomfortable silence. Enos started to say something, but backed down several times, finally Daisy said "What Enos? I know you have something to say to me
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