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Radio Control Dukes cars


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2 minutes ago, RogerDuke said:

Thanks for sharing this Jim. It is really awesome and made me think......They did a lot of different things with the General in 7 years but never made a body out of glass. It would have been fun to watch it jump a creek. 

This is just how unpainted lexan bodies come. It'll be painted once I finish all of the other modifications.

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I recently picked up the brushless Kyosho Charger VE on the left.  When I reprinted Rosco's police car, I sized it specifically to work on the Fazer chassis.  I'll swap the General Lee stuff over to the brushless chassis and use the brushed one for the police car.  I also grabbed a set of black & white General Lee decals for the gray body, because why not.


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Lately free time has been at a massive premium, especially since deer season started, so progress has been minimal.  I haven't had time to work on the 3d printed police car at all, but I have made some minor progress on the RJ Speed General Lee, specifically the body mounts on the WL Toys chassis.

Here's a shot of the chassis with all of the electronics reinstalled and the front & rear body mounts fabricated:

Here's an up-close of the front & rear mounts, both of which were made the same way:

The mounts are both made from 1/16" Kydex sheets.  In the past I've always worked with 1/8" Kydex, which is extremely durable and rigid, but heavy.  Because this car already weighs more than a real Dodge Charger because of the massive aluminum chassis, I really need to cut weight wherever I can or that 390 sized motor won't stand a chance of surviving for long.  The problem with such thin material is that it's not very rigid, so I had to do more than just a right angle bend like I would have done with the thicker stuff.  To make these stronger, I had to cut the "wings" on the sides and bend them over and tie them together with screws.  Hopefully that's more clear in the underside pics:

Here is the body set onto the chassis with the new mounts:

One of the issues that I've run into is that the body doesn't sit as low as I had hoped, so I need to rethink my attachment ideas.  Originally I was just going to go with the standard body post method, since that's the easiest, and it would make it more like the Kyosho "hero" car that this will be standing in for during jump scenes.  I could bend the kydex down more and still fit the body posts, but the body sits right where it should as-is, so I think that instead of fooling with the body posts, I'm going to just go with velcro mounts and call it a day.  From the beginning, the plan has been to add a lip to the bottom of the chassis to attach the bottom of the body to the chassis with velcro anyway, so what's a little more on the top?

Here's a close up of the mounts through the body:

The next step is to trim back the mounts, as I don't need them to extend as far from the shock towers.  After that, I need to locate and cut out the wheel well openings, and then the 3d design & print work starts for the body.  I'm trying to accomplish as much of the "in the garage" work as I can before it gets stupid cold, because I'd rather sit inside in front of the computer during that period.  This means that I also need to make some real progress on the police body soon, or I'm going to have to spend a fortune on propane to heat the garage every time I go out there to work on it.

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Finally, some progress on the RJ-Speed General Lee build!  I haven't been able to touch it in over 6 weeks, but between Christmas vacation and messing up my back last week, I've had a lot of time in my desk chair in front of Fusion 360.  I modified the Kyosho General Lee front end to fit the RJ Speed body, and I also created a whole new rear taillight assembly from scratch.  Right now these are still in draft form and are printed at a high layer height with no sanding/smoothing done.  These are just to make sure things fit and that I'm happy with the overall design before I take the time to print & detail the final set.  Even though these are drafts, I like to paint them just so I can get a sense of how they're going to look, plus they photograph & video much better than just having all black pieces.


Here's the fully assembled rear taillight assembly:



Here's the piece taken apart to show the individual sections.  This was done so that I can paint & detail the pieces correctly, plus it gives me the ability to use a transparent taillight lense that I can put an LED behind if I get ambitious down the road:



The front is essentially a re-scaled & re-angled copy of the one I designed for the Kyosho body:



And the individual pieces, again so that I can paint & detail the assembly properly:


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I watched the YouTube videos as they came out, and those gave me inspiration to make my own 1/10 RC General Lee, with the Team Bluegroove body and a Traxxas 4 tec 2.0 vxl as the chassis not nearly as professional as anything posted here, with the main problem being that the is roughly 1cm to wide, so the tires stick out 5mm on each side, but they don't look to bad, definitely a different look though.

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9 hours ago, RC General Lee said:

Yeah, honestly if I had to do it again, I would still go with the team bluegroove one, as the detail makes it better even if the wheels stick out the tiniest bit

Welcome to the HazzardNet. How long have you been a Dukes fan? Do you have a favorite character? How long have you been into RC cars? 

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Thank you for the Welcome, I have been a Dukes fan ever since I discovered my Dad's Dukes of Hazzard slot car set like 5-7 years ago, (10-12) I think my favourite character would have to be Bo Duke, and I have been into rc cars for roughly five years, but i have only used hobby grade ones for the last 2 years, with my General Lee model being my second hobby grade RC car, which I drove for the first time today. (definitely not a winter RC car!)

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Progress has been hard to come by, but I've gotten the wheel wells cut, masked and painted the body. I painted the bumpers from the inside, but then on the outside I used the protective film as a paint mask and trimmed away the area over the bumpers and the areas around the windows that should have chrome trim, then painted it with a chrome pen.

Once the remainder of the film was removed, it left nice sharp lines and fairly convincing chrome trim. 

Body looks good.

Next I cut out the lexan to fit the printed taillight assembly.  This is just a rough draft print but I'm really happy with how it looks. Once the final one is printed, smoothed and painted, I think it'll look great.
One problem that I'm running into is that the chrome paint isn't holding up well at all. Just handling the body to cut the lexan and install the printed parts has dulled the hell out of it.  Hopefully I can touch it up when I'm done.

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Looks good, one thing I did on mine that worked out pretty well for the chrome is that I masked off the parts that needed to be chrome with painters tape, including around the windows with 1mm RC masking tape, then painted everything orange with white backing, then peeled all the masking tape and sprayed tamiya chrome paint on, ps 48, I think, which looked pretty good, one thing though, it seemed to eat at the sticky part of the window masks, which made them essentially fall off as the paint was drying, I saw that and fixed it in time, but only got one or two light coats of the chrome on, not as thick as I would have liked, but I then put some silver metal duct repair tape an the inside, and it looks great. I also fabricated a mirror from a paper clip and a hole punch from a thick piece of plastic that I painted with that Chrome paint

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ok, i am using the team bluegroove body, so lexan as well, and the only complaint that i have is that the tamiya paint is a little sparkly, not as flat chrome as it should be, but other then that it does look like metal/chrome bumpers, also how do you make pictures small enough to upload without cropping into nothing! haha


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